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Thursday, April 26

The Hunger Games

Let's cut to the chase.
I didn't like the movie as a whole because it made me think it was portraying our current obsession with reality tv. Just as usual, blown out of proportion.

However,  I went home and after a week of contemplation, gave in and; READ THE BOOK!

Jeniffer and Josh were so spot on in their portrayal of Katniss and Peeta! I wish they had the cave scene in more detail though ):
That's when I really fell in love with Peeta.

And Rue? I cried watching the movie and I cried reading the book.

When she dies, EVERYONE CRIES! 

I love the books, Hunger Games? You have won me over! My phone is Hunger Games customized  and my ringtone is Safe & Sound. Sadly I couldn't find a good enough version of Katniss' singing Deep In the Meadow. 

Can't wait for the next movie!  
I know it is similar to Battle Royale, however I think the addition of the love story is what makes this series quite revolutionary. With its political play and media focuses. Twisted. Complicated and yet simple...

On another note, my birthday is around the corner. And it has donned upon me, 
that.... make up really is the perfect gift for me. *shocked face* How come, I myself have never realized this?!

My wishlist this year was easy:
1)Bobbi Brown Foundation compact in Warm Sand 
2) Clinique Foundation in Rose beige
3) Naked Palatte 2
4) Urban Decay Primer
5) YSL lipstick in Nude Beige and Lingerie Pink
6) Mockingjay Pin

Slowly, I will collect you all! Also I'm allergic to most lipbalms, gloss and lipsticks. Friends thinking of buying me those, please don't ): I'll be so sad not to be able to use it.

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