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Thursday, September 6

Why being single has been the best thing to happen to me

This bothers me much, its personal and I understand if you, who are reading; do not understand. But here's my point of view, I hope it helps someone.

Many of us believe that being single is not a choice, that it is in fact a curse of some sort.

Why? Maybe its because we watch too many movies, perhaps it is when all our peers find significant others. But to me what started as an unfortunate ending,....uncannily, turned out to be the best thing. 

In a way, I guess we must thank those who've hurt us because those actions force us to reflect. Even if it hurts too much to bare. It forces us to find who we truly are for no one, but ourselves. To find out who we want to be for the life we've somehow already planned. And to find out what we are called to be, because most of us do not know. So, thank you for the pain that has helped me learn, grow and above all...THINK.

To think is a gift. It comes with self realization. Don't tell me that 'thinking' is only academic, the best lessons are learnt outside the classroom.

Initially, being single will leave you lost. Especially if you are single not by choice. Of course sadness and anger is normal. But why are you really angry? Why are you really sad? Did you stop and think to ask. Are you angry at the other or are you angry at yourself? 

For my case, I was angry at the other and then I became angry at myself. But I had a really good friend to snap me out and much sooner than later. We DO need a dose of tough love when we are too blinded by emotions. So when someone is harsh, remember that they have their reasons. Its not always a personal agenda. 

Speaking about sooner than later, when you look back. Are you not happy that things were clarified and ended sooner than later? What if emotions were lopsided? And what if dragging things along would only make things hurt more?.... Looking back, I wasn't exactly happy either. And without noticing it caused a breakdown. But things are 2ways. You can't clap with 1hand. You get what I mean? 

Some things truly are destined. Anyone who walks into your life is there for a reason. Regardless if those people should leave scars or happy memories, they all teach you things. Things you don't yet know, but will need sooner or later. 

I can only speak for myself. But right now, I'm much more focused. I know what I want in life and who I am. I know I'm not the smartest, prettiest and what not's. But hey, I know that I'm hardworking enough, willing to try and frankly I have flaws but I love my personality. Tough, my temper will never leave me, I take a 'lil more time to think before I speak.Words are tricky, once said can never be take nit back. 

Truthfully, I can speak about this issue for hours on end. But putting it to words is very difficult. I hope, you who read this...... leave this blog thinking. 

In a world where everyone chooses to beat themselves up, "I'm not good enough", "I'm not this or that".... Its really time, you look into the mirror and TELL YOURSELF


If you can't say it, write it on sticky notes and leave em where you will ALWAYS see them.

Always try to do now, the things that will make you proud of yourself in the future. 
Whatever floats your boat. 
TRY to..
Be the person you want your children to see. 
The man you one day want your daughter to bring home.
Be the woman you would want your son to bring home. 
Just be the person you want to be and you will be exactly that!
Regret is a poison with no antidote. 

If you choose to go the other way, then I wish you luck.
It is a dark and lonely path. You will lose all the people who love you. 
And I can guarantee at the end of the day, you will only more alone wallowing in self pity and rage.
So,... why don't you try instead. Free yourself from this prison, its all in your mind. 

Someone out there cares for you and loves you. 
Someone cares,... why don't you?

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