@ameliachantalle (:

Thursday, October 11


The final cut delivered,
Savor it and weep,
Its a cut so deep, 
I hope it bleeds.

I know everything, and yet I know nothing.

Seeping into my thoughts,あなた the first thing that comes to mind.
私は混乱しています! 値するしかしたくない

Already on the edge, so tip the scale. Maybe find everything in hiding. 私はしたいことすべて.

...But dare not want.
Because, I know you're good, maybe even great but this thing that beats.
It says it tells, tells me I am fighting fate.
But somehow,... I think the time has passed.

I'm Weak, I know everything,.. but I know it will probably end grey. I think I know,... you were sent to break my heart. yet... I know nothing at all.


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