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Saturday, January 26

Astro 729 KIX HD: Top Gear Korea S2 Launch @ Vertigo

Bet you've all heard about Top Gear right? Right? Okay, we'll get to this in-a-minute

Actually I'm damn slow to blog about this. Apologies, work has been madness! MADNESS. Every night I KO at 11:30. Lao liao.

Company for the night. (L-R) Brandon, Nicole, mua & L.Jie
Flanked by 2 of the 6 race queens.
Speaking of KO, the muay thai fighters brought in for this event were so lean and build I was terrified to go too close. I..am..highly.. squish-able.
Yes, getting to THE POINT! I tagged a couple friends for what seemed to be a promising fun filled night. We actually sat in a jam for like 1.5 hours from DJ to Bangsar. INSAN-ity because usually its not more than 20 mins god willing. I fell asleep in the car. Which was good cause got energy to party mah! duh

Thankfully we reached in time for the launching and got to play quite a number of games. We,... actually Jie tackled arm-wrestling. Obviously he lost lah! Look at the dude. And look at Jie, beer in grasp also. HAHAHA! jahanam* It was all good though, the losers get prizes too. 

Friendly fight

One of the challenges. People were really giving it their all!
Cause got awesome prizes. And also cause got alot of hot girls there so have to maintain abit.
Guess who won?

Bumped into Jess. She's so pretty!
Earlier, Jie lost in arm wrestling right? Well, this game was announced not long after and a very daring Jie volunteered. I don't think there's a need to explain further right? (: 




Guess who won?
Jie won! The three of us were in shock after that. Because in general, Indian men can really handle their alcohol. NOLIE,....*jaw drops*

Yeon Jung-Hoon hadn't arrived yet so we played more games. My favorite was the one where they play you movie clips and you have to guess which actress it is they stop on. NAILED IT :D 

I'm sure by now, you know I'm a movie addict who watches movies like crazy. iLike

The boys played this game, its a racing game similar to Need for Speed. The overall winner gets to race against Jung-Hoon. 

Brandon right before.

After this game, jeng jeng jeng in came Jung-Hoon. He was walked in by 6 race queens. I had a particular bias for one, but Jie preferred another. We then proceeded to argue why our choices were the prettiest. I'll continue later. 

Jung-Hoon came with a translator. But he uttered a few words in Malay, so thats cool (: If you didn't already know, he's the host of Top Gear Korea! And has starred in a well known drama called 'The Blood Thirsty Prosecutor'

FINALLY. You now have permission to swoon.
I kinda made the mistake of standing in front of his fanclub... When I tried to take photo's they would scream. LOUDLY. So unfortunately alot of my photos are abit shaky. Nevermind, still handsome kan?

Ean asked the crowd some trivia questions regarding Jung-Hoon's shows. The lucky winners got hugs! Omai, one girl cried!

Lucky winner 1

Lucky winner 3. The missing one was the crying one. Paiseh to take crying photo's (:
And then we moved on to this! RACE TAIM,
Short ass me couldn't watch the rest of the match, so we went to play a few more rounds of games. There were DARTs, Arm-wrestling and my fav movie name game, we were too afraid to find out what the Muay Thai-ers wanted to do D: Please don't muay thai me in my 4inch wedges.
They gave out KIX HD T's as prizes. I won so many, please holler if you want one. 

If you are wondering why this event has so many action and MMA based activities, its because KIX HD is Malaysia's #1 English HD channel! Cool eh? I didn't know this, but KIX often shows alot of action-packed based shows. I watched a few kung-fu shows on it. 

Top Gear Korea Season 2 premiered on January 22. Its on every Tuesdays at 9PM on KIX HD (Astro Ch 729).

Harley-Davidson KLwho sponsored superbikes for display at the event and Tiger provided the beer! YAY to no watered down booze. We laik.

TAG was spinning after that but we were quite hungry. So we headed to Starbucks to grab a light nosh. 
We were still arguing over which race queen was prettier. But got distracted after some other girls walked into Starbucks. Till today I cannot pinpoint a "Malaysian girl" face. 

Online, its always the face of very beautiful Malaysian actresses who look quite middle-eastern. Sudah tukar negara la dei. I guess since Malaysia is a multinational country, the Malaysian face is an Asian face?

I get mistaken as Singaporean, Thai and Indonesian-chinese. Noone ever ask if I'm Malaysian wan?
Also alot of older people think I've just come back from overseas. Furamak, my face is so.....international..

Buay paiseh hahahaha.

This pretty round bottomed flasked snowflake was too adorbs.
It made me happy and sad because it reminded me that Christmas..... IS OVER! *emotional wreck*

Brandon and I didn't eat at Starbucks and headed to Zouk Bar downstairs for fries. Love how MV is mad pretty at night. 

All photos captured by the Sony Nex-3

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