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Thursday, May 23

A dedication to my 22 year old self.

Hello my 22 year old self,

When the clock strikes 12 o' clock we must say goodbye.
While physically you are gone, in spirit we will always be.

To my 22 year old self I say thank you,
for teaching me who, what and how I; we are.

To my 22 year old self its time to grow up,
every year this is said but how things have changed.
We've made mistakes, we've had our victories.
Stages come, stages past. For now, a new show takes place.

To my 22 year old self patience is gold,
waiting, wanting for whats in stake?
And everyone shall tell you its about the journey, not the end.
You fear forever sleep, so prepare for the bumps.

To my 22 year old self, we shall meet again.
As time changes, as phases take place.
Stir the soup pot, learn to adapt.
That childlike nature, will save you.

So 22 year old me, look forward to the future.
You've enjoyed so much, been so blessed.
Appreciate it and enjoy some silence.
You've prayed to be pretty, you've prayed to be gifted.

Now stop asking and get going.

Continue being kind,
Try to be patient.
Do what you can to understand.
Above all, don't forget to love and be honest.

22 year old me,.. you hide too much.

Enjoy the journey, I'll miss you old friend.
Happy Birthday 23 Year old me. x


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