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Tuesday, August 19

2014: Clearing the camera roll.

Evidently, I've been missing. Alot! 
work + gym + events = dead blog

But that aside, I want this space to be a record of life for me. So you know, when I'm old and sorta lost my marbles, probably ended up becoming a *god forbid* boring person. Well, I'll have proof. Like to shamelessly shove in someone who's just called me "old and boring" like ;- bitch, I had an awesome time getting here. Huehuehee.

Alright, lets kick it off!


All the fans of Armin Van Burren went. (L-R: yours truly, Li Chuen, Grace and Isaac) We love AVB, he's the Almighty of Trance. However, this years event was less enjoyable. Too much weed among other things, they ran outta food!, so hot and we were lost most of the time. Cell reception was horrendous and shorties like *ahem* myself. Had a tough time. Bumped into many familiar faces though, that part was great.

ASOT 2014, we're all lazy bums. We don't like jams. So LRT lah.

So excites.
End of story, cause there were too many potheads; much of this was a smokey blur. And like most of Malaysia? HOT LA

Pestle & Mortar House Party

Somersby: free flow!

Beer Pong

Waiting for 1 always lambat member. When he came, it was so dark. So no photos.
Instagramming, fehmes blogger mah.
Rach: "so many white people"

Thank you for the invite Danny, he works for P&M.

2014: Travel - Teasers!

Noordin Mews, Penang

Kuala Lumpur: Pretty sure I'll always be a city girl. *I think, Hi future me!
Frasers Hill. So beautiful.

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