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Monday, September 8

Cafe Hop: The Bearded Lady + Flat White + Coffee Stain by Joseph + Nutmeg

The Bearded Lady @ SS15


Spotted this place when passing by SJMC (now Sime Darby medical center), a tad hidden but dropped by cause of its peculiar name. The Bearded Lady, hmmm instant thoughts were of a dragon or something close. 

Was greeted by this.

TBL Peach shake & ice tea.
So.freakin.cute. Very tempted to turn into a clepto and just pinch one.

Totes forgot what this is, but I'm guessing a cap.

Awesome table decor. Table's actually made out of an old cable reel.
Not much to review, the peach shake was refreshing but nothing that stood out. We didn't try any food that day.

We sat indoors due to the warm weather, the outdoor seating area is a tad limited but the inside is pretty huge. We bumped into a group of ladies setting up for a baby shower. It looked awesome. 

Can be found @ 53 Jalan SS15/5A Subang Jaya, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Hours: Tue - Fri: 15:00 - 23:00 & Sat - Sun: 10:30 - 23:30
Contact: 019-669 6960

Flat White @ SS15

Nutella Latte
This was so bitter, but I'd make another trip. Its worth the try. 
Service was so spot on, posted the above photo on IG and ranted a lil cause it was too bitter. One of the barista's commented back and apologized as he gave me a triple shot. ZOMAIGERD, patutlahhh. 

Went on to invite me back for a less potent shot. Well, this was impressive enough. All F&B outlets should take this approach to their customers. Sadly, most are defensive and you end up with cases like the macaron one, between a customer and Les Deux Garcons. On Facebook. 

Sometimes, we're just honest and giving out 2 cents. Perhaps, all owners should keep their egos in check and try to learn. Customers are the lifeline of their businesses. 

Will see you soon Flat White. 

Can be found @  No 73-1, Jalan SS15/8a, Subang Jaya, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 10:00-00:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-01:00

Coffee Stain by Joseph 

Probably one of the most underrated spots I've been to. 

A little hard to spot, Coffee Stain was one of the first places 3D latte art was available. But they only had it on Hot Chocolate and Green Tea Latte's. No pics of the GT cause it was a green panda. And green pandas?....ummm..... not pretty lah also pelik cause pandas are B&W.

Service was impeccable, the staff were patient and super friendly. 
We asked loads of questions since we only wanted the 3D art, foodporn! Hah! We even got to choose our art. They did mention that the cats were the best, but we.....aren't big cat fans. 

If you're in Publika looking for a spot to chill, try this place out. Just head all the way to the top floor via center escalator. You'll come out facing this shop.
Hot chocolate.
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Panda Green Tea. I still find it odd to have a green panda. But cute also lah.

Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village 2

Okay, by far my most re-visited breakfast spot. Mainly cause I used to have weekly meetings there. But Nutmeg is so so good. 

There's hardly a miss on the menu, although I don't quite fancy the coffee. Prefer their selection of teas instead. The food however, is pretty much 110% for me. 

I love this crois-wich. Their baked egg's are also perfect and the yogurt parfait.I usually skip photo's of the parfait cause I eat it too quickly. Heh, it is a spot of greek yogurt, topped with rapsberry coulis and homemade granola bits. You know those crunchy bits that taste like maple syrup and brown sugar? OHHH CLUSTERS! That's what they're called. 


Keh, since i didn't take photos. You may stare at the one below. 

Nutmeg now has a 2nd spot in BV1 called Dash Of Nutmeg. You know, if you're too lazy to go to BV2 or something. Well, Nutmeg's always full and Dash has different menu items. So try both! Enjoy.

I stole this photo from their FB page. 


Can be found @ UGF-28A, Bangsar Village II, 2 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

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