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Thursday, September 18

Cafe Hop: Butter & Beans + Twelve Cups Penang

I hereby declare myself the queen of backdated post. Cause I went to Butter & Beans Seventeen when it was new. Hahaha, and now they have B&B OUG. Horeee crepp. 

I think they've expanded the menu, but lazy ass me has not gotten the gusto to drive to OUG. Cause its always jam. And not the jam you can spread on toast. So I have no idea if the menu's gone past bread, tarts and drinks. 

Have some photo's, they've featured Ernest Zacharevic's murals here. Interactive art piece this one. 
Everything is 3D except the boy, string and bug on wall. 

Ernest always has had this talent in capturing essence. Here he captures joy, intrigue, curiosity and abit of cheek. This boy looks like he's up to no good. Hmmm. Hot water on unsuspecting customers?
I kid, that would be so bad for business. Unless you're a lawyer sitting there. Then awesome lah. 

I had English Breakfast Tea and a Croissant + Peach strudel. Love croissants! So loaded with butter and yes I smothered that baby in more butter! Long live butter! Olive spreads are crap. In my opinion, Tour Les Jour has one of the best croissants. 

Peach Strudels are ohsum. But only cause they have peaches and I love peaches. Honest opinion, skip strudel get another croissant. 

But it would be better if they had the option to reheat items. I don't like cold croissants. Usually air fry the one's I bring home. 

Can be found @ BG- 1a, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17, Malaysia, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Hours: 9am - 6pm

Twelve Cups, Penang

And this post, amazing lah Amelia, sebab I went down in May 2013...... *clap for self* 
Twelve Cups only serves mille crepes and drinks. I was melting in the sweltering heat of Penang so all I drank was water. LOTS of ICE. Plstqvmkkthxbai

Anyways, can anyone teach me how to apply threaded comment? I don't know how to apply it so that I can reply peoples comments. Cause when I reply now, it's like I'm a guest to the blog, not the author. I feel like a jerk not replying people who've bothered to leave me kind comments. *jerk mode*

Anyways, the mille crepe was not as cold as I'd like. So it was not as firm. But taste wise its decent. As always I had original. I like trying new things, but I don't quite fancy cheese crepes. Lest they are hot.

Micheal Buble?
Can be found @ Lebuh Pantai, George Town, Pulau Pinang
Hours : 7am - 10pm

Things I miss in Hong Kong 

Just lots of pics of food. Cause I really miss Hong Kong. 

Kai Zhai Peng <3

Stanley Market Beef Stewed Noodles with Radish

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