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Monday, September 29

Cafe Hop : Feeka + Curious Goat + AMPM

Feeka, Jalan Mesui

When you end up in KL on a Saturday for work. You don't leave that quick. Cause damn jam. Yes, PJ KL routes are forever jammed. And.... when you're with a friend. You find the hipster-est thing to do. Cafe hop.

Been having wayyy too much coffee, feeling all heaty, but hey; coffee calls! 

Feeka was nearby, so we popped in for abit. Also to get some Instagram material. Haha, expensive but my mom approves cause in her own words "its better than alcohol". 

Feeka is situated along Jalan Mesui which is behind Changkat, next to NoBlackTie and Limablas. Prices were standard. WIth the median of RM10/coffee. But parking was madness, no time limit but RM10/entry. Which is very expensive if you're only there for less than 1 hour, even by KL standards which hang around RM6 per hour. .

Those lil tags tell you what beans are used. Feeka roast their own.But to be honest, I only know how to judge the final product. If you ask me for technicalities and the beans , process etc. *blank stares*

I believe you can buy a bag. If you like. I think, I'll just come here. *lazy* also I'll probably make lousy coffee. Didn't I tell you I don't know the technical stuff. Mhhmm
Feeka is quite grundey, raw. If it wasn't so minimal, I'd picture a old school kopitiam here.  

My usual Flat White + Chuen's Cap.

My verdict on Feeka? Strong. So very good. For now, Feeka is my #3. 

VCR is still #1 and PULP #2. But with a couple more visits, Feeka just might climb a few ranks. I'd come back.

Feeka can be found @ 19, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur.


AMPM was recommended by Chuen. Opened by one of her high school mates, its situated in USJ 21 right opposite Fish&Co, Main Place. 

USJ 21 is pretty deep in, go a lil further and you'll reach the Puchong side of the LDP. 

That being said, this place is mad cosy. Just a tad dark so not many photos. I urge you to head on down if you need a place to sit and crack at those long dreary assignments or weekend work bits. 

As a cafe, their coffee is not the star. Odd but here's why. Down below we have their Signature Hot Chocolate. Yea, that's chocolate on a stick. You basically stick it in the cup of warm milk till it melts and ta-daaa. Hot Chocolate. 

This drink to Hot Choc is the equivalent of Pepper Lunch to fried rice. You pay to make it, but its fun. So well worth the experience. Only felt it would be better if the chocolate was dark choc instead of milk choc. Milk choc is way too sweet, whilst dark choc has so many dimensions. Its sweet, bitter, tart and a bit salty. Perhaps, they will bring in this option in the future. Also, there wasn't enough milk for me, by the end of the cup the bottom was full of chocolate

* /: Mista waiter, please top up milk can ah?

Signature Hot Choc
On a different day, I had my usual Flat White. Really happy to see a swan, cause most latte art has this odd way of looking like phallic art. Some say its a heart, but yea....totally looks like a dick.

My verdict for Flat White? Poor, bitter, dilute and did not keep its warm. It oxidised pretty fast, so I got a tad taste of sour. As someone who prefers a balanced FW, this was not for me. Not at all. A bit more warm milk would have helped.

AMPM can be found @ Jalan USJ 21/5, Usj 21, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

The Curious Goat, Damansara Perdana

The pic below, no idea where I snapped it. Probably while driving cause damn pretty lah. I admit that jam photo's are some of my favs. How often do we city slickers get to stare at a beautiful sunset. Unless we're on holiday. When I leave the office, its either dark of hazy these days. Ara Damansara is developing really quickly, so you see lot of cranes and high rises. The sky,... is a little blocked out. So some jam times, especially if the sky is gorgeous. I'd start stoning just staring at the sky. 

Oh I remember now, this is me exiting Subang to the Federal. Driving is fun when you get to actually drive. 

Moving on, after a shopping trip to Ikea, the closest, open and yet unexplored cafe was this spot. The Curious Goat. If you know Damansara Perdana well, its opposite Friendster cafe. *ahmagad* ......Friendster. I feel old. Sorry older people. Its also a lil bit before Herris. 

It was so dark and the place isn't well lit. So I would have missed this place if my friend didn't point it out. Forget the outdoor shots, if there were any I'd be posting pitch black photos. Its chic, but not great when its dark and your cafe is painted black also. Note to self, if I own a cafe in a dimly lit location, buy luminous paint and write the sign in or use neon lights or a Broadway style sign. So chic. 

Mainly cause, chances are I'd miss it too. *clap* 

As the name hints, there's so many goats hurr.

Loving the element of reuse. Their entire counter top is made up of cartons. 

That's some next level Adventure Time shiz there,

Asked for a whale, got a whale. Damn cute. Thankiu

house pasta
Tasted like ragu. Not bad, but would have liked a bigger portion for the price. Bout RM23. I am a pasta fiend. 1 sitting, makan 3 servings. *pusheen mode*

Can read chinese? Look at the cakar ayam that is my writing vs songwriter writing. 

Can be found @ 20, Jalan PJU 8/3A, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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