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Tuesday, June 2

Dazzling Eyes, Longer Wear? Yes please.

Lets talk about lenses, people who loves lenses will never stop chasing for the right and comfortable one for them. Personally, I do not require lenses as my vision is fine. But hey, who doesn't love those colour and big eye lenses. 

I've tried a few, but lets be honest. As someone who's not used to it, they can be superbly dry and feel pretty alien. And if you were em too long, they can hurt and make your eyes red. We only have 2 eyes and it does worry me that I may end up damaging my eye sight. So I heard rave reviews regarding a particular brand. Cited as "amazingly comfy and not dry" by a friend who wears lenses everyday. So when I snagged an invite to this event, I had to go! 

Miacare (Mia - My in Italian) introduced their lenses in natural based which is their confident black and brown. Not only is the lens are free from UV Ray’s exposure but with their unique dot pattern design allows you unobstructed vision and what's more, their unique asymmetric edge encourages tears to flow to the surface of the eye. Okay, I'm intrigued! Tell me more.    

I myself tried the lens over the weekend and it felt really amazing with 6 times more oxygen for my long hours wear and with a comfortable results! Their natural color series blends and make eyes looks naturally bigger even with only the diameter of 14.0mm. Miacare with its tri-layer printing technique that secure the printing colorants between two outer layers where color layer is completely blocked from the eyes. This means, there's no way the colour can run, no more worries. 

Tried em for the Pestle and Mortar party and 7 hours later at 3am, I looked fresh and quite alive hahaha.
No redness and still comfy, I'm really loving these lenses. 

Something which won brownie points for me were that Mia care is Taiwanese! I just returned from a wonderful Taiwan trip and their attention to detail in beauty astounds me. 

Nowonder Taiwanese girls are so gorgeous lah. Their ambassador is Ariel Lin, a Taiwanese actress. If you look closely, she looks like Miss Mia, the girl featured on the acne patch box. I'll get to that in abit. 

Oh and, Ariel Lin uses Mia care lenses on shoots, if you wonder why hey eyes sparkle, the cats out of the bag. Its Mia Care.

I'm wearing CONFiDENCE range in black. 

The other item I'll rave about has got to be the acne patch. Cause I wear make up daily. And when you get a blemish, no amount of make up will help. In fact you'd probably just make it way worse and...ugh visible. Dr Kartini (below) a certified dermatologist from HUKM highly recommended the Miacare Acne Patch for such cases. 

1. Its ultra-thin (0.015cm for day, 0.018cm for night) Confirm cannot see, and it helps heal your situation! 
2. It absorbs 95% of harmful UV rays. (pimple already, summore got pigmentation? NO) 
3. Its made from 100% medical grade hydro colloid dressing. Yep, the material to help heal scars. 

Seriously, this is a godsent item for make up fanatics like myself.  

Of course, you have to remember to apply it with clean, dry hands and change it once it is full. It will turn white once it's reached capacity.  
Don't exceed 12 hours, and within 72 hours of use, you'll be blemish free! Voila~~

One of the models was wearing the acne patch, but betcha can't guess which one. 

Mia care Acne Patch can be found at major retailers within Malaysia, such as Watson.

Day only patches go for RM10.05 (12pcs) 
Night only patches go for RM10.30 (12pcs)
Combo Pack of both for RM14.50 (18pcs)

For contact lenses, please visit this link http://www.miacare.com.tw/webe/html/store/index.aspx  

Thank you so much Mia-care for introducing me to your wonderful products. I'm sold. 

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