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Tuesday, January 1

happy new year :)

spent my new yrs in laundry and most of curve and cineleisure :)

went in and out of kimgary twice

met up with my darlings

watched alvin and the chipmunks *theodore is my favourite* **gasps jesse mcartney

danced in a *sauna*

watched some fireworks.

guzzled down some booze

tried to walk straight

and banged into ppl i never knew i would bang into. *oh the irony*

came home at 2smthg

messed around with people's brains *teehee*

slept at 4

woke up at eight

and now i am blogging because i realise people actually read.

haha and i'm still a little knackered *aussie term for tired*

so chao ppl :)

tell me bout your new years aight :)

so i say c'est la vie *creditsJK*

je'taime amelia


will post vids and pic's of the fireworks and friends a lil later :D

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