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Tuesday, February 12

one, two, stop!

yours truly

a super duper old picture of nikki and i :)

how comel,
he thinks jasmine tea comes cold.
lol. when you don't ask for ice?

dinner at Vivo :)
cheesy delight pizza *teeny tiny sweet pizza*
and mushroom & turkey ham baked
spaghetti *darls*
halfway he tak mau makan.
and before that complaining
saying he's "very hungry larrrhh"

go figure :s
confused meter :: 3/5

kononnyee darl has skills in pool.
i laughed till my stomached ached
and i couldn't eat any more
lecka lecka. LOL!

delia and i @Dragon-i
again. lol twice for me -.-
i look possessed :-/
*maybe i am* hmmm

if anyone die's from my lameness
i am not liable. :)

ladies and gentlemen,
meet will turner!


why are people obsessed with things
they don't have?

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