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Saturday, May 31

30/5/2008 - 31/5/2008

was so darn bored yesterday,
waited for miss chi to come for her mani,
but turns out she didnt make an appointment,
so yea -.- time slot given away :/

decided to tagg along with louis,chi and bi

louis and chi picked me up around 6smthg
my tummy was already screaming by then.
if i haven't told you, i was starving by 5pm!
*no idea why*
started arguing about where to eat -.-

"already said shabu shabu!" says amelia!

speed to pick up bi, gawsh
louis's driving can make me puke;
but on the other hand
hear that louis!

went to ou for SHABU SHABU :)

guess who was there!!
turns out she went there for
dinner at Italiannies
had to rush off to cell after that.
i stole some huggs and some photo's!

teehee, well we wanted to watch superhero movie,
but the seats were like the front row!
SO, NoNoNoNoNo way!!!
i'm not craning my neck and paying
for pain thank you,

was gonna head to OSC
after that cuz the bi i.e
already showing signs of 'ketagihan'
but chi didnt wanna go to
the polluted area, so we walked around aimlessly
for awhile. -.-

finally decided to go to
bi's house to watch
the ending of final destination!
i screamed, yes i actually screamed,
do not judge me!
you'd scream too!
especially if you dunwanna watch horror movies!

however, we watched ah long after that :)
according to bi, its his 5th time watching it :/
teehee, sorry,
but since chi hadn't watched it
and i wanted to watch it :)
you have no choice

went home around 12
the dude's decided not to head to rileys.
fyi, rileys is like right opposite my crib!

my group mates are all late for our meeting!

so my pretties!
i'm leaving you with photo's!

brought to you by,
shugar shorty.


monkeys again. flashes in the dark :( sakit mata i!

monkey see, monkey do?

who am i squishing :P

ass SHOTS!

♥ chi's hair!

and bi met miss melody sayang!

shabushabu :)



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