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Sunday, June 22

phfft! party weekend in june

the only pic in which noone got cut.
pics of partys; later.
i forgot my camera! _pfttt_

nic chua


went to nic's bro's party; Dean Chua! Happy bday dean, yr 21! the theme was masquerade. another masquerade! well, all in all the food was great :) CHEESSSSEEEYYY FISH :) i want s'more!!!

headed to louis's around 10. the bloody taxi was like taking forever and ever! wtf_xx wan die ny. yunoz kept smoking like a chimney! lucky got bibi to hold me :/ if not i'd just go stone on the steps hahaaaa. reached louis' round 10.30 kena marah marah for being suppa late! -.-"
they were watching some stupid gay movie! called "another gay movie!" wtf! so damn wai la!. its all about gay sex and dicks the size of yr pinkie! -.-"" some people are too free, end up making some bloody useless movies! and some ppl are just dumb enough to buy the dvd! wasted like 1.smthgsmthg hours of my life just watching that. watched meet the spartans after tht :) at least its funny la kan.
headed to mamak with jazz,zarul,louis,chi,nozz,bi,sianhoo,junyang,sherman and john. the 3 couples so cute! jazz and zarul wore green :) chi and louis wore white! :D and bibi and i wore BLACK *smexayy* =)

went back to louis'
spent the night there with chi and bi.

watched the MIST! so fake laa. and slept around 4am *tried sleeping countless times,but every time i fell asleep the movie woke me up* -.-" *dulan*

woke up at 8.23 went to chuch around 9.45 :/ late d! i already miss my biii. i love being hugged after all :)

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