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Saturday, July 19

far longer than forever;

this is a post, a boring boring post.
because, i have become a nerd.
with a boring life. =)

i am naturally happy ;)
so if you see me sad, like ever.
there's something going on,

headed to college around 11am for practice
for 2 presentations.
12pm- creative thinking

classmate texted just as i was reaching college,
'sick, wont be coming, sorry guys'
owh well, sicklings can be contagious.
i re'd ''get well ;)''

ct presentation went aight =)
we were after an awesome awesome group!

was so nervous for the debate as i was
supposed to open.
and as i am fighting for the
i'd naturally be the first speaker.

*headed to class after longlong delay by maygan's class *$#$%^&*

miss su walks in, "hey guys, am not feeling so peachy, debate cancelled till next thurs
i am so relieved and so confused after that.

she gave us our final presentation stuff and
told us to get a group and discuss.
so we did.
topic was for
'inventions tht change the world and save the environment'

came up with the craziest kookiest ideas!
was scheming with chloe and karmen to
sneak outta class since we had
nothing to do and MS.S
was K.o'd!
we had half an hour left.
so we decided to be good little nerds
and stayed on in class crapping
about locoroco and some dumbdumb stuff.

at 4.30 we merdeka'd from ROOM2.
which i was actually praying for to be flooded again!
teehee. well if it got flooded again.
i wouldnt have to DEBATE ;) wheeee~

but it didnt flood =/ phfft.
woulda been fun
*PANGKANG* (PCK style in just follow law)

my just follow law DVD!!
OI faster la SK

*summore not my dvd, bf punyee*

headed to OU
awesomeness, even tough i missed my
reservation for SUSHI ZANMAI =/
grrs. its always full!

got outta the cinema@9pm.
walked around to buy stuff ;)
as usual laaa.

psst, was with danny and chuen ;)
thanks for the driver-ing danny.

baybee, now you know.

had dinner @ kayu ss2,
since everywhere we went was closing.
i got to see baybeeeekins

wheee, got my topshop&F21 =)

sent chuen home, then me =)


friday i is NERD and stayed home online,
doing magazine like gila.


woke up round eleven smthg.
kicked my ass out of bed,
promised to teman JETman today.
went to OU to buy his emily's present ;)
EMILY, pleaaase like it :)
dont worry yea, we looked for a tonne of bears,
and i made him choose the one to give you.
not my pick, his ;) HONEST!

headed to the shower and rushed like mad.
it helps when my room is freezing ;)
i won't be in lagg motion.

got ready by 12.30
texted Jet.
he said he needed time -.-
and i thought i was slow.

we didnt know what to do first.
so i said EAT!
you know me, its food all the way ;)
went to sushi zanmai.
so we went to sushi groove,
thanks for lunch little brother!
it was delicious unagi!
*drools on keyboard*

walked like 12345673456kazillion shops.
every shop with shoes or bears,
we masuk.
cuz i was looking for shoes *blushes*

paiseh. lols

i'm kinda gila shoes
bought my shoes :) white shoes
with Jet's stamp of approval.
andand, not too high ;)

when we finally found a bear,
we went to wrap it.
played a round of pool,
you suck i suck -.-
we both have gotten worse and worse at it.


paid the parking and headed to the car.
we were a little bored, so we went to McD
for some ice cream.
he had a fillet-o-fish.

called baybee,
headed to his crib.
but his rents were in.
so we headed to KAYU.
ish! YC twice.
and in a row.

its 9.37pm now.
supposed to yc again.
but abit lazy.
and my butt is currently
kissing the couch and unwilling
to leave.
another day la k :)

sponge; good luck for all yr finals!
mel; thank you for the chocs!
emily; enjoy the present, when you recieve it!
jet; thanks mr driver, lunch was delish!
danny; thanks for driving us round and booking BATMAN!
baybee; thanks for camwhore sessions and xx's lately ;)
and spending time with me even tought yr so so busy.
i <3>

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