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Sunday, October 12


church church church!

♥ Church!

Milky finally came (:
well, when i get to sit with her and see her kinda "came"

and Father Philip was like giving his sermon on
what not to do in mass!
Eg : Talk, sms, sit cross legged, dress indecently.

OMGWTF! i do all except dress indecently ):

and shit, i'm going to H-E-L-L

ahh, bugger, i'mma see you guys there then!

teehee, she's like one of those friends
who i can don't see for a long long long time,
and when we meet up,
BLAAAAAAB about whats going on non-stop!
teeheeeee`` i absofuckinglutely love it!

andand, ididn't know she read my bloggie!

leave me a msg in my cbox marr sayang!

sat with Milky* SuLi, Dulcie, Shalini and Sarah Lian.

Delia was missing as she's still in cyber.
Alicia * Lui was unable to come for mass, but we mamaked! (:
Marissa didn't sit with us cuz there was no space d ):

although were no longer in sundayschool together,
mass helps us meet up (;
wonderful how i can always meet up with
old friends this way (:

i told YK kor i'd post this

I ♥ my Kor (:

there done!

thanks for sayanging me when i'm down (:
and being there for me.
yr nerdy and lame comments always crack me up!
Good Luck for Indo exam (:

all my ♥ to you in Aussie!

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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