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Sunday, January 11

cest' la vie

not swearing makes blog ratings go down!
RAWR! geram-nyeeee.

sorry people, i am kinda lazy lately.
lethargic and half dead?

nuff` said.

maxi dress coming today (: happyhappyjoyjoy*

i know i'm lame, but thats why you love me kan?

well, Full House @ NXZ
food?,...... good!!!
nasi lemak,.... not so good.
crowd? thank god no screaming kids and their lunatic parents.
cant control then don't have kids la! bloody hell.
this kid tried to trip me, so i gave him a death scare.
haha, i wish he woulda cried.
cuz if i was in blurr mode, i woulda fallen flat face first onto the pavement!
not nice smooth surfaces, its the tar road!
stupid kid.

and i still cant get over the name of that Jap restaurant.
Kansai? sounds like Kanasai lor.
gee, buat la research!

plans for this week
1 ? music stuff tmrw
2 ? PD on sat (:
3 ? bazaar on sunday with mandyyy (:
♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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