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Thursday, January 1

i love this song & extras

oh no, with all this press!
i'm FAMOUS enough.

seriously don't let the ke lian face bluff you.
he was asking me, "why dunwanna take pictures?"
yeap, my dad is pretty whacky.

mom snapped the pics
and he camwhored!

runs in the family?

damn heart pain.
seeing those stewpid tubes.
Special Delivery 1
Baby Boy Ethan Lai.
comel kan?
one month plus only.
same as Olly down there!


Baby Boy Oliver Yap!
YAY, first great-grandchild on mom's side.
superbly pinch-worthy i tell you.
welcome to the family!

a special delivery from someone special from Aussie-land (:
thank you kor. & jie of course!
i it!

a Patrick from 1 special person (: YAY!

i am in with this song

its by Jason and Landy*Wen Lan.

its called Neng Bu Neng (can or not)

sorry if the translations rough, i got it off the net.
sorry btw, Imeem ain't got it,
but honestly? download it.

if i'm free i'll upload to Imeem and post it 'ere aight.
i.e : GOOGLE!

08: 能不能
(直樹與湘琴之雨中接吻主題) - 演唱:鐵竹堂Jason & Landy Wen

When I first saw you, you said you were so nervous that you forgot to breath. According to the memory, I was just messing aaround. Never thought of this when we are together. You said you never fogotten our first night, I said I love you, at the same time gasping. Sorry, I love you, meaning love your body. I don't know your needs. And, I never met your expectation (requirement). Ah~ How can you bear this? Ah~ But when I saw you smiling, the pain always being swallow by the stomach, and only hope one day I will understand your kindness. I pretend not to care about you, pretend losing my memory, So that I can hide my pain in the past, I choose to give up, the right to truthfully love someone. Because I don't believe in myself, don't believe in you, don't believe in a phrase "true heart and intention". I choose to be cold. You take me as your lover, while I'm taking you as the enemy. My life, is full of suspicious and hatred. Don't waste your time to seek eternity on me. Your arrogant only will cause the eternal scars on you and me. Baby.
第一次當我見到妳 妳說妳緊張的忘了呼吸 記憶裡 我只想玩玩而已 在一起 沒想過這問題 妳說妳從來沒有忘記 我們第一個夜裡 我一邊說我愛妳 一邊喘著氣 Sorry 我愛妳 是指妳的身體 我不知道 妳的需要 妳對我的要求我從來沒做到 啊~ 妳怎麼受的了 啊~~ 但我總是見到妳微笑 痛苦總是往肚子裡吞掉 只希望有一天我能明瞭 妳的好 我假裝對妳不在意 假裝失去我的記憶 為了隱藏以前痛苦回憶 我選擇放棄 放心去愛人的權利 因為我不相信自己 不相信妳 不相信一句話叫做真心真意 我選擇絕情絕意 妳把我當作情人 我卻把妳當作敵人 我的人生 就是充滿猜疑忌恨 不要浪費精神在我身上尋找永恆 執迷不悔只會再妳我身上造成一道道永遠的傷痕 Baby

Can you face me and say love me, can you be with me for a very long time. Don't come and go with me, it just make me sad and cry Can you face me and say love me, can you be with me, until the very end. The journey from now on.. I want you to walk with me.

能不能就對著我說愛我 能不能就陪著我天長地久 不要對我若即若離 讓我傷心淚流 能不能就對著我說愛我 能不能就陪著我 一直到最後 從今以後剩下的路 要你陪我走

You must thought I'm bad. Never love anybody. And keep you guessing, what am I thinking. Facing the love you given me, the better you treat me, the worse i treat you. But in my heart, there's a voice confess to me, saying that can't live without you. Weird, want to love, but couldn't voice out. Why become softhearted, why you never frustrate on me Finally there's an answer, but somehow I don't dare to look I never feel bad facing you again, I felt my cold heart beginning to feel your warm. What shoud I do? Now I start thnking whether it's too late to love you You are the only one, I want to be with you and never get separated, Oh~ Even the girls outside keep calling me Baby~ and deep down in my heart I only have one wife, named Vicky~. I don't know what should I say, but I knew what should I do, I can't keep doing the wrong thing. Forgetting the painful past, now we only want the ending. You asked me how long we will be together. I don't know, probably the whole life, would that be enough. Holding your hand and walk, I only hear you say...

妳一定覺得我壞 誰都不愛 隨妳去猜 我是在什麼心態 面對妳給我的愛 妳對我好 我就對妳越壞 但我心裡 一直有聲音跟我告白 它說不能沒有妳的存在 好怪 想愛 卻又說不出來 為何心軟 為何心軟 為何妳從不會對我心煩 已經有了答案 我卻不敢去看 面對妳不再反感 我發現我冰冷的心感受到妳的溫暖 該怎麼辦 我現在愛妳會不會太晚 妳是唯一 我想和妳在一起 不想再和妳分離 喔 就算外面的女孩子她們叫我Baby-by和在我心底只有一個老婆叫做Vicky-cky 不知道該怎麼說 但我知道怎麼做 我不會一錯再錯 忘了以前痛苦的過程 我們要的只是結果 妳問我會一起多久 我不知道 大概一輩子夠不夠 牽著妳的手往前走 我只聽到妳說

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