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Tuesday, January 13

Thursday, Friday and Monday (:

skip my weekend. i went to Church, Devi's and dreamland (:

headed to the Curve
Moonshine II @ Laundry.

we were not so late.
i was snoozing and happily taking my time.
usually the Lee's aren't so punctual.

mana tau this time super EARLY!
*the sky is falling x2 [runs around in small circles as to emphasize point]*
was half way trough dinner, when
"were leaving Subang now."

FOOH, i speed dress speed eat and speed everything.
i might have broken some records (:
actually, i should do some research on that?
can get some awards :P

haha damn mou liu?

Joe drove, nowonder laaaaa.
headed to Uptown.
Jared had not told me he was going jamming first.
patut-lah early.

Chen, Joe and I headed to
Sate Kajang Hj Samuri.
sate's good (:
bt according to Joe,
food is MSG laced.
the headache inducing kind!

after Food and Jamming were done,
we headed to Laundry.
Danny had been there so damn early.
dudee, sorry.
like I said, Lee and Lee = late
haha. but i did give you a heads up first (:
*inside joke : thank god for starbucks*

moonshine was packed.
banged into Jessica Choong.
damn this chick knows people everywhere.
we ended up joining her table awhile.
even Ganjaguru aka Nick was there.
till chen told me, i didnt even recognize him.
aye, i used to be gila his music.
tapi lately, nthg much?
his gf looks like a model.

after Moonshine,
headed to Cineleisure.
but apparently the theater was closed?
suddenly closed. phfft!

so we headed to Ou instead.
along with Lionel and Don and Chuenny.
she made it after all.
Melinda met us at OU,
she's really bubbly.
even @ 1am

watched Cape no7.
actually its not bad.
bt for ppl who are chinese illeterate,
its abit confusing.
with the Taiwanese hokkien and all.

the jap chick has this uber constipated face i tell you!
nowonder th modelling agency doesnt want her to model la.
her mandarin is so damn funny!

headed home after tht.
Thx Joe, for the ride home.
even tough you didn't look too good.
musta been the nasi lemak la.

on Friday night,
headed to Full House (:
its a restaurant named after the show at NXZ.

atmosphere == good!
food = fairly good (:
waiters? super BLURR la!

why we went?
1 to celebrate our liberation of something called CG, Comp Graphics!
yesyes, we finally finished our magazine.

RAWR, sem break pun balik college, KNN betul!

but to view the mag
click this LINK!
cannot see, then too bad la. :P

as usual the Lee's, Joe and Sat were late.
they kinda got lost.
suddenly got perodua showroom?
erhh, sorry i tak tau.

they eventually managed to find us.
after we had eaten, and all our plates were cleared.
lols, funny thing, cuz our plates were cleared; they
thought we hadn't eaten.

we were hungry @ 6.30 and we ordered asap.
you guys reached about 8?
woah, if i waited; i woulda died!

the Marinara i had was awesome (:
Chuenny, Danny and Sat had Carbonara.
Joe had Nasi Lemak?
Chen also marinara.
and Jared had uhh* Chicken Chop?

headed to Summit to get movie tickets for Outlander.
cuz Pyramid's always outta seats?
bt it wasnt showing there.
and Chuenny managed to book tickets with her phone (:
so off we were to Pyramid.
gaaah stupid show full of lizards.
i honestly felt so sorry for the lizard thingy.
even though i hate lizards.

gaah, you shoulda all died and have Armageddon.
after i found out why
it was the last one left. I hated the main character.
you deserve to die manwhore.

overall? stupid show.

on the other hand, i liked the popcorn.
bt for certain reasons,,
i stopped eating after awhile.

friday was super chor di day.
full house - chor di
pyramids smthg cafe where the workers are so dead - chor di
suku - chor di

gila babi chor di.
but YAY, i at least won once before leaving suku (:

movie ended, headed to Suku.
crap and chor di (:

headed home about 2smthg.
thx to Dickson for the ride back.

late again, biasa.
i am now slightly immune.

headed to Groove Junction @ Hartamas.
watched Broken Scar and Altered Frequency.
power la AF.
Broken Scar went acoustic.
it was rock night more or less.
but no rock from them?
gaah potong.

the energy was pretty good from all the bands.
enthusiastic and lively.
i like.
but after awhile i got quite bored.

Jess came later on.
she came with Nick and his gf.
good lord, till now i keep forgetting to ask what her name is.
i know her as
1 Jess's friend
2 Nick's gf.

dot dot and dot!

note to self,
scatterbrain, pls ask next time!

Desmond popped up too.
his shirt was so, urm,..

seriously its just something so *loss-for-words*

Jared and he are like twins.
sama sama gila .
sama sama bising .

headed to Williams after that.
mozarella cheese naaan (:
Lionel popped by.
yc till about 1smthg.
then headed home.

the rest headed to some place to play foos and pool?
but lazy la drive there and back.
another day.
even Chuen headed home.
tired I guess?

gaah pictures i malas to upload.
must arrange and blahs/

you'll see it in another post.

refer to


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