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Friday, March 13

12th March 2008

college was a normal day again.

photography class however,
brings out the camwhores in everyone!

check out the photo's on Facebook.

cuz blogger is bloody slow with uploading!


some of the photos are in Album 1.

The original Marley (:

marley wrecked the garage while Jon went to
fetch Jen from the air port.

Marley -- > Clearance Sale Puppy!

watched Marley and Me.
was so so touching.

and the soppy, sobby, sappy me
cried cried and cried!

THANK GOD i didnt watch this in the cinema.
i'd run outta tissues in no time.

but overall i LOVED it!
absolutely wonderful.

this is a show which is so so real,
and totally pulls on the heart strings!

*sadly, i couldnt get a photo of the Marley car scene!

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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