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Saturday, June 20

Chuen's 19th - success (:

well, birthday + Poppy = wasted Bday girl (:

and yes we succeeded?
haha, with the help of John and friends?
apparently. too many on the rocks?

Thank you to everyone who came (:

see Edwin, i'm fun whats. LOL

We headed for dinner @ D'Italian Kitchen, Jaya 33
awesome food. but so not cheap.
i lagi loike (:
you appreciate the finer things cuz they cost more.
therefore you enjoy more.
i know someone will soon tell me i'm a spoilt brat who spends wayy too much.

the soup was good!
and the tiramisu which we went there for?
super unique! niiiiceee.
headed off to Poppy bout 10plus.
everything late cuz Mr Lee set dinner @ 8
and brings everyone including the Bday Girl
at 9pm.

Rachie and I dying of hunger beh tahan ordered and makan-ed.
*babis, kena cakap x de manners*

Chen and Jared are usually sikit abnormal la kan?
Ytd, lagi abnormal -_-
Chen sat next to me and Jared next to Rachie,
both of us sama sama terkejut lorhs.

Jared was weirder than normal. and being weird abit d, you can imagine larhs!? scaree lorhs.
rach kena freaked out, so comel!

and Chen? i dunno what he was doing, he seemed to be brushing the table with his fringe. i'm not kidding! its fucking scary. macam sitting next to possesed person. summore he cracked lame jokes. betul betul mau kena tumbuk!

LEFT to Poppy bout 10plus.

i found out a few things!
1) John and Chuen are really fun drunks.
2) Poppy is super duper friggin hot.
3) I do not appreciate guys*oldmen trying to hit on me.

on no 1, yes you two are pretty cool liquored up. lol one is Miss Vampire, super pale and the other Mr Tomato! LOL

2. global warming getting worse izzit. i never realised its so hot @ Poppy lorhs. which is why i chao'd up to Passion. super empty in comparison.

3. yes old men. you make me laugh (:
i'm being sarcastic larh

Thanks, but erh no thanks.

Did not bang into Mavind, perhaps next time?

Chuen started puking when i was upstairs chatting with Johnny, Edwin, and Jac.
and some other friends but then i cant remember names.
its too loud and OI is universally easier (:
i think i remember one being Hans and SuWei?

damnit that was super scary!

"i said byebyes and ran all the way downstairs. good heels!"
Han Ling or erm ETHAN, was mr hero la (: so sweet. Along with Az carried her to the nearest washroom. gosh, she was so plastered she wasn't even remotely concious. took her out to the mamak to chill afterward and puke s'more. disgusting but she'd obviously feel better la kan?
chilled abit, and about 3 the rest got out.
waited abit more and then on headed to Suku for recuperation.

eesskk, both HanLing and I smelt like puke ): him mostly la. unfortunately my hair kena jugak. stink to high heavens. and and my favourite shoes and jeans ):
but friends first. so screw it! Lucky Jared drove relatively slowly. it helped. sorry we stank up the carr Joe! ):

Sent chuenny home bout 5, waited for her to kao tim.
then left.
desmond commented something super weird.
"waah, Amelia, so motherly to LiChuen ar?"
takkan i leave her like that?
siao merh. bf lerh.

even tough now diff bf, still bf larh :P

reached home bout 6am. -_-" cleaned up and totally KO-ed bout 6.30.


so cute. LOL
tomato John.
this is just hilarious.
Bday girl
edwin still normal.

Such a poser edwin.

JacJac (:
smoke photography ker?
woke up @ 9smthg for day2 of filming.
managed to kick my ass outta bed.
thank god!

headed to ss2 for bfast.
and then off to Jacs place for shooting.
left there bout 3 and off to Piccadilly's.
we filmed @ Friends instead.
formerly known as iThai.

wrapped about 4plus.
and sent Chuen home, HanLing to church and
me home.
everyone was superbly tired.

KO-ed awhile and slept tru dinner time x.X
just like assignment and exam times!

Day 1 was at night also @ Piccadilly's
i can't wait to see the finished product (:

- - - - - -
tomorrow is Fathers Day
momma booked dinner @ Hanazen?
i have no cash whatsoever,
i have like 7bucks ):

RAWR, need to use card!
babiz. i'm totally brokeee.
i hate this.

But for daddy, i'll spend laaa.
since i'm a princess.
always spoilt by both of them (:
and also always bullying me dad.

Oh Oh Happy Fathers day to all my other fathers* too (:
i wub youuu.

and i miss CYKT.
xoxo ♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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chiba_kim said...

I am so bahagia to have you XD as a daughter!