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Sunday, June 14


blogger will be out for awhile midnight tonight.

sociology exam @ 9am ):
i'm panic-ky already.


lookout point yesterday was colder than the last time,
but uber hazy. no good shots what-so-ever again!
*got home @ 3
*woke up @ 8.
zombie-ing with my brother in church.
i was pinching myself the whole time.
didnt wanna KO and embarrass myself
*if we werent lazy to drive ourselves, we wouldn't have gone for evening mass i guess?*

usually we sleep in late.
wake up for lunch
and sleep till dinner time.
hence when theres no Sunday School to teach.
i usually manage to easily miss both Sunday masses.

and Saturdays?
i go out laaaa. what else.

Fri the Bf *Chuens
birthday @ Poppy

[wanna join us?
John Kwan!
kao ni attending ker x?
i need you to be photographer (: (:
cuz you ni pro! i seriously got 1.5% talent in photography D:]

better not be crap ass music or i'mma get super pissed.
yes i am Miss PMS.
'cuz i'm miss pms. i don't need to repeat it (:

lately i want to slap everyone.
my patience level is negative instead of 1.5 now.
heck, if it was 0, pun better.

& on the HTC viva?
mmg yeng larh.
everywhere i go, ppl ask me lotsa questions bout it.
sometimes i think i should start selling HTC viva's (:
LOL. hear that?

plus i got people hooked on Solitaire!
i'm becoming a solitaire pro hahaa.
the only game i owned Chen in.

*tengah shoiksendiri*

i have plans to be a nerd for abit tonight.
nak kacau? &&
i need sleep.

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫

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