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Monday, June 8

speechless; why is my post so colourful

-cool,people adoring me-(:
gila perasan case.

it is rare that i am speechless.
unless some knn bugger comes and says something totally outta which i cannot deng

but today is Public Relations Ethics paper -_-
superbly boring.
and almost always makes 0% sense.

anyhoo. I'm actually starting to like the HTC Viva.
haha. mostly cuz its got SOLITAIRE!
which i absolutely love love LOVEEE.

haha and i managed to fiddle around and figure out the camera settings
and craps.
minus the handicap of no flash, it takes pretty good outdoor shots.
mostly camwhore la.
2mp + zoom? not so nice lol.

plus i've been spoilt for choice with Digicams, Prosumers and DSLR's by now.

its quite fun. but one thing is that the locking mechanism?
it keeps unlocking itself and calling people -_-
downfall of touchscreens la.
and the security lock i had for awhile. but it got super annoying.
so i took it off.
HTC, prepare shortcut locks please!
Eg, my sony-e slides to lock.

i like the fact that its got messenger tough (:
online w/o a lappie. haha. less weight lorh.

i wish they could do smthg bout the screen under sunlight la.
cuz like, when I'm halfway playing smthg or typing a message and walking out to the car.
its basically -SESI TERGENDALA- babi'z -_- have to wait for shade to continue.
cuz under the sunlight. the screen becomes like a mirror lorh.

haha good for those super hiao(vain) girls.
--> i think this phone is a girl phone. so slim, so round, small also. guys suka? guys lebih suka iPhone gua.

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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