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Friday, January 8


Arson Cases on Churches 08/01/10

yes please do take a read, if you may.

Its about the arson cases on churches this morning.
There were 6 to be exact.
However, the Star only covered 3.

1) Metro Tabernacle Church, Desa Melawati
2) The Assumption Church in Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya
3) Life Chapel Church in Section 17, Petaling Jaya.

I have been to the Church of Assumption.
I myself am from Saint Ignatius Church.

I cannot phantom till this day, how humans in general can equate destruction and wars in the name of God/Tuhan/Allah (sorry i havent a clue how Sikhs and Hindu's and Buddhist address their Lord)

Really, and we all wonder why 2012 is coming?
Its a total Noah's Ark once again.
A situation where God told Noah to pack his whole family and 2 of every kind of animal into an ark(big giant boat la) and once they were all in. The world was flooded. Killing off all evil.  For at that time, the world was getting too corrupted and evil. And when the coast was clear, a white dove bearing an olive twig would be the sign that Noah and his family may come out and start their new life in the "new world"

Another rendition would be the Mayans and Egyptians.
The theory as shown on the National Geographics Channel.
That when a civilization gets very advanced, it shall be torn down.
Does make sense as well. Looking at how they were once so advanced.
And that till this day, we cannot replicate a mummy as how the Ancient Egyptians did.
Or how the Greeks were so medically advanced for their times.
And how Alexander the Great was so successful in his conquest.

Sorry if I do use bombastic language.
Studying Journalism this past semester has shown me that using simple language all the time is good, but
when you need a point to be sent across and to be seen as a trusted and mature writer. Bombastic language is most definitely called for.

I do understand that as of late, my blogging style has become more serious. Less mischievous, less light hearted, and even though it may cause me a lack of readership. Its fine by me (:

I stay true to me.
I do understand that blogging daring issues may get you sent to jail. Or even arrested for blatant accusations.
Or perhaps the ISA will come and take me out for a lil' drink.

This issues? I stand tall (ps, I'm 5'1) and hold my head up high. For i am not afraid to say whats going on is just utter BULLSHIT.

Yes I've decided to curse less, but hey; doesn't it stick in your mind a tad bit longer when I do?

The Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the Government would not hesitate to use any means necessary, including the Internal Security Act, on anyone who threatens the security of the country.*sic the Star

I do so hope, this issue will be cleared soonest possible.

Really, homeless or underprivillaged people come to churches or any other sacred places for that matter for one thing, MERCY and SHELTER. 

They are not as fortunate as you and I perhaps, to have a roof over our heads and a computer with internet access for you to read this right now. 

And its is a fact that they do go to churches for shelter.
My church certainly has them. They used to beg for money. But the priest has told us to not give in.
For they will be provided some shelter and food. One man (previously homeless, not lives in the church) now works as the church's gardener. Watering the plants, weeding, fertilizer and so on so forth. 
He gets food and an allowance I believe. He no longer begs and is now someone who is proud of what he does. No longer homeless and no longer alcoholic.In the beginning he always had those bloodshot eyes and slurry speech even though I didn't see him drink (it was evident). 

Now imagine if he was sleeping in the church.
While the arson happened. 
He might have gotten hurt or worse killed.
And arson would then turn into murder.
A prison sentence turned into a life or death sentence. 

Truly, people must realize that there is NO SUCH THING as destruction/war/arson/harm in the name of God/Tuhan/Allah.

What Creator would allow his creations to self destruct?
Perhaps the Devil/Satan/Lucifer.

But he does not have power upon you, unless you choose to allow him in.

Even when you are an Atheist, you have Science or logic. And perhaps you do not believe there is a God/Gods. Your must agree that morality does not teach you that destruction is good.

Look back,  World War Once (WWI) and more so World War Two (WWII) 
do we need a world war III
I think not. 

Japan suffered a tonne. Vietnam as well.
All the sexual encounters harmed the nation. And morality?
Where did it go? Ethics? Soldiers impregnating the locals and then leaving when the war ended. 


So look at it, land unusable, people scarred, children brought into the world without love or purpose. 

How does it all start?
Civil wars?
Perhaps even neighbors not seeing eye to eye.
Everything stems from the little things.
Misunderstandings turn into civil wars which hence turn into full blown wars.

Seriously people, I don't know whether th parents teach their children such destructive and more over disturbing habits. But in this day and time, can you doubt that it could happen?

This is basically terrorism in our country.
Didn't it anger you, when we got labeled a potential terrorist country?
It angered me!
Just because we have Muslim breathren we got labeled. -__-"
Major WTF.

No shiz.
Besides, did you know that Judaism/Christianity/Islam
is stemmed from one religion?

Yup, yes it is. Jewish religion to be exact.
It started with the Jewish religion. Jesus was a Jew.
Then he broke off from that and formed Christianity.
And then an angel Jibrail (sorry if type, spelt it based on pronounciation)
is actually the angel Gabriel.
The same angel that told Mary about Jesus.
Is the exact same angel that gave Muhammad his calling.
*i studied bible knowledge and the Islam area stems from Sejarah lessons (History)

If you look at the Torah*jewish
The Bible and the Quran the old testament of the old section
will be about the same. Depending on what writers they choose.

We have so much in common. Why are we fighting about differences
when we should be embracing what a wonderful bond we have?

I love my malay friends, chinese friends, indian friends and all the rojak campur tak tau apa friends.
We all get along just fine. Regardless of religions, cultures, racial practices.

Why should issues like this exist?
Immaturity? Lack of understanding? Perhaps just pure hatred for something we do not know.

When all is said and done, all we can do is pray for the better and hope that those guilty of the crime one day repent and understand what wrongs they have done.

Please stop them before they cause more harm.
If a church was attacked, who's to say a temple or mosque isn't up next.

Think about it.

♥Miss Amelia™

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