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Tuesday, February 23

And so,..

helllo, i forgot when this post was supposed to be la. sorreh *tou hip,tou hip*
has lunch and shopping session with mom's and eldest aunt.  

Mommee (:
the grilled chicken was so healthy,
so dry.
I also think the chicken was healthy,
cuz its meat was so so tough, damn muscular la.
Om non nope.

lavander and blackcurrant tea.
i think its blackcurrant la. 
was there for a food review sometime last year so this photo is old but 
i drank the lavander tea again! (x


zomg sorbet. so fresh. so cold. so pineapple-ey?
They make it themselves and stuff it back into the pineapple so cute wei!
yummy also. 

this time, we has apple.

well, she had apple. 
That's my aunt btw. 

damn young right? and she is my moms eldest sister. o.O 

Foie Gras (fa gua)

its pronounced like that okay.
with apples sautee'd in balsamic vinegar.
i aint a fan on balsamic vinegar period.
fois gras, erm ok la.
not my cuppa tea.

This was a photo from the food review.
Sous chef serving. hahahaha awesomeness woi.

He's super funny also. mmg pr dia best!

this was my carbonara.
I woulda liked the bacon extra crispy, this one came medium rare ):
i don't like raw meat unless its sushi le.
but suppa creamy and not over cheese'd. 
some are cheesy till can die wei. 
eat halfway wan puke. 


see, these 2. one talking bout family other talking bout something like and then blablabla on about money.
must give parent $$$ when you work ar. actually not for the house use wan, its kept for you for future.
kids, give more wei. ahahhahaa.

and this ends my ah lian english-ed post cuz its 3mins till habis kerja. hahaha.
sorry la, nthg to do. 

my aunt damn cute, she was posing with the sous chef so that my cousin from the USA can see.
ask me tag in fb summore. haahaha.
the head chef sudah lari away. 
he said he doesnt take pictures worr.
but then ar, last time we came he took like 2-3?
-.-" maybe cuz Zoe isn't there. hahahar. 


so not lying, and this pic i wasnt there, cuz i was taking the photo la.
and the 2nd one, the feller didnt zoom -.-"
chipetts. rawrrr~ i was in it summore. aaah

okay byebye, enough of me being random and rambling on and on and.
okok bai

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