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Monday, September 20

Hello Loves!

I've been busy busy busy. 

Haven't been updating much here 'cause CCC has take up most of me time. 

Its lotsa bout food. So if you're a foodie like me? GOGOGO!

On a shorter note, tonight I start mandarin classes! ZOMge, lets hope somthing goes into my karat brain la okay?

And work starts 1day 80bucks for ten days. and soon 1day 150bucks for 5days (: who's with me with on the "whatdafark" face.

Soon i'mma be a rich bitch. No kinky costumes involved too (: JOYYY! *no i'm not whoring out there.

I'm just luckyy (:


So lately I've 
-learnt that Delia & Dulcie will fly off to Auc,NZ in 2yrs. 
-must hang with em more!

-figured out my Chinese leaves much to be desired, so lessons start tonight.
- of which I shall pay half, so I don't get distracted in class.

-my iphone is so convenient I am now lazy to even switch on the lappie. . *gaazooks*

-I have so many emo thoughts which sound so insightful but because of my lazy-ness.
this blog will never see it. ):

- I also think that the most unsung hero would have to be PARENTS.
They can't choose their kids, but they love 'em non the less.
They clean your poo for god sakes! POOOOOO *yuck*
They do their best to make you happy, most of the time regardless of price tags.
Of even if you do not deserve it. *heheheh*

So i end this post with I Love You Mummy & Daddy (:

*now go give yr parents a hug and a kiss and a I Love You 


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