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Sunday, July 3

Where was I?

I spent my day @ Sunway Pyramid today!
Lookie cookie :D

As an invited blogger for Clinique, I got to do the 2nd Star Tour makeover for free.
I love makeovers! Don't you?

I'm a total princess kinda girl, so make up is a must!
And to get made up, dolled up and photographed like a superstar? Hah, I'M SO IN!

I know this is so so narcissistic but would it be too much to say I can't stop staring at this photo and I really wanna print a huge ass A3 size copy and paste it on my wall? hahahaha. 

Like, seriously.

I was early, so luckily I got to beat the crowds! Yay me. 
Well, as imba as she is, I'm usually the one who is more nuts, however today Chuen was crazier, she was there even earlier. I stepped onto the truck and she was almost done!

A very crowded truck. Its bigger this time, last year it was a lil cramped due to the layout, but this year? WAYYY more space, and to top it off the air cond was right above me! Princess betul hahaha. The layout is so simple but so pretty. 
All white, J-Lo would love to have this wouldn't she?

AND you see those lippies and jelly blocks on the backdrop by the left hand side?
Very tempting! Clinique should consider serving us jelly drinks. :D 

Pretty one's like those. *droools*

Trust me, it was so so so so hot today! Lucky I didn't have to wait at those chairs provided I just hopped onto the truck, cuz it was so so hot! *sizzleeeee BBQ amelia* 

Heh, my mommy posing kat the truck! She said its so pretty she also wanted a photo with it.
I think thats why she wore white la! So matching kan?

A glimpse for you!
That's a couple of make up artist by the left, a customer in the middle and on the left hand side its a photography booth! :D 

This was one of my first few shots of the day. See what I mean when I said, Chuen was almost done?

The Clinique slogan! True to its word. I have extremely sensitive lips, so they always end up cracking after any lipstick or tint! D: so so sun fu okay!

It never does that with Clinique, saviour!

And if you are curious, I actually have gone and sniffed the products hahaha.
I know I know, such a neanderthal, but I can't help it.

Its a total "Challenge Accepted" moment like Barney Stinson.

A girl getting her hair done!

The stylist looks so quizzical haha.

One doing her photoshoot, another choosing her photograph.

MY TURN! :D :D :D 
This is me with no make up and my make up artist, Mabel (:
She's so cute wei! I adore that hair style!

She was telling me, my dark circles aren't that bad, can cover! 
Omaigod, I love you lah! HAHAHA 

First time I've heard that, I have hope!! *sniff*


More people getting their make up done. Glamour!
Feels like being backstage at a fashion show somehow.

Heh, I'm taller than the photographer. 
KIDDING! my heels were high (:
But he was really funny. I couldn't stop laughing, the way he posed was hilarious hhaa.


I feel so pretttyyyy I could cry!

Chuen why you take so many photos of the same thing wan? Can't keep your eyes off me? LOL

After I choose my photo, with Chuen's help :D off to collect my goody bag I went. 

When I said I loved make up, I wasn't lying. This bar gave me an image in my head.

You know when people dive into a pile of money and roll around in it? yeh, I just wanted to roll around in make up :D heh

skin care.

Suddenly, someone asked to interview Chuen and then she suddenly roped me in as well.
Okeh, since I'm all dolled up, why not?

For the sake of good lighting, I was put under the panas terik. See my shadow dah tau terik. 
But for the sake of beauty, no problem! Anything goes (:

Camera men, feels like a more imba version of uni filming.

Chuen's turn!
That's the interviewed, I didn't really get her name, I'm sorry babe.

She helped prep us for the camera. (:


Star Tour in the background!

The registration table. After snapping some shots of Chuen, I poked around the area for more photos. 

I know! I wait all year long for you leh.

That's Stephanie pulling a funny face.

Since I'm feeling vain and pretty, I shall also end this post with my photo :D So so happy with it. The Star Tour is moving all around! 
Catch 'em at these locations - click to enlarge.

remember, Star Tour is also a contest!

The Star Tour 2011 voucher is RM 35, and participants will be entitled to:  
1.  Clinique 3-Step Skin Analysis and Prepping
2.  Makeup by Clinique Makeup Experts
3.  Hair-Styled by Miko Galere
4.  Fashion photograph 
5.  Door Gift worth approximately RM 130
6. Lucky draw at every location comprising handphones and cameras by Samsung, treatment vouchers from Miko Galere and Clinique fragrance.

The Winner!
The winner receives a head-to-toe makeover styled by Cleo for the cover shoot and RM 5000 worth of Clinique products personalized to their skin needs. And a cocktail party with 5friends. 
The 2 runner-ups each receive a one page write-up in Cleo and RM 3000 of Clinique products.  

All 3 will have a one-on-one session with their chosen career role 


You can see me at the Star Tour on the 4th 5th and 6th :D


Stephanie Ee said...

I've seen your pict on the day itself. Looking great!

Anyway, I spotted my huge ass picts in this post. Plenty of them..argghhh.... >.<

she rocks your socks :) said...

ehehehheh I stalk you :D don't worry la, still cute okay. haha

Thankiuuu, when are you gonna do yr makeover?