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Friday, November 4


So sorry I've been MIA again. Semester is almost over which explains my absence.
*sigh* I wish I could be more consistent but education comes first.

So as usual I love snapping photos so I'll just post a couple photo's up for y'll to see what I've been up to.

Besides all the uni work :P

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Hope you guys understand (:

Much love, xx

Le brother. This photo is so fabulous! It makes him look douchey and a lil gay *muahahaha*

Mommeh. This smile is funny but she is in PINK :D woots

Le new wrislet! Now I can club bag free (: DO you know how annoying it is to dance with a damn bag clobbering you? 

Famous chendol of Pahang. 

I <3 tea time! Especially if its with a bestie.
 Taken at Delicious One Utama with Pei Chi. 

Favourite phone casing (: 

SJP style shoe closet. 

The parents

And another.

Mom and Adibah Noor

Congrats to the cast & crew of Nasi Lemak 2.0!

Mom & Dennis Lau

Princess mirror (:

Real life doll

MMMM Deepavali!

Tessy? The dog? Likes kisses.

Flowery pots

Mommeh & Daddeh

More family members @ Deepvali 2011

Greenery :D


L-R: Aisyah, Mahes and Le me.

Sorry its blurry. L-R: Aisyah, Mahes & Li Chuen

Wore my grandma's Kebaya this year (: I miss you Ahma

New generation. My aunt and her grandson Jim

Vanity may be a sin, but I might not always look like this (: So some narcissism is healthy

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