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Tuesday, February 27

school.cny.and ka-ching!

schools started again. and the cycle is gonna start soon. and by that i mean the cycle of endless assigements homework and of course who can forget tuitions! ishes**

we celebrated xian's 17th birthday today!! 27-2-1990 my chi mui was born. so emo la today. nozz was so different .nich was a little bit gila-er (more that usual anyways) and i?was hardworking. its really smthg new to me! lols..

omg i still owe chi'z 10bucks!!! geez i need ta rememba this kinda stuff..
and i'm becoming even more fickle minded ;more that now..aikxxerunies!!
hate being so naive sometimes but its really hard to change.know?

i'm still on the bench bout the souveniers*meliacan'tspellthatwell* but do i have much of a choice?? i'm runnin outta ideas anyway.lols. we had everyone at the table again today. p.s yesterddy nic and shenz were missin. shen was so adorable earlier. ^^melia,mel,xian,foong came out to the backdoor of sch. xian held cake to pass to alex. shen ask's melia who's birthday?? melia and mel say xian. shen turns round goes "eh today yr birthday ar , oh happy birthday ya" the look on both shen and xians faces were pretty priceless.lols

i forgot what i wanted to say here! owh yea to my angel* (leothing)
get yr ass movin ' the mortal is bored!!

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