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Thursday, March 22


damn 5 lilians. geez why can't ya'll just pay the blardy magazine thing. submit yr freaking fcuked up photo's and let it be done and over with. yr album can be a private project at the end of the year alright! funding is bad as it is and you all are being really uncooperative. i don't wanna make enemies in class but its really tough on me when you guys are like this. everytime i come up with some solution you'll suggest smthg last minute. do you know its very pissyfiying!! geez. fine some can't afford the 50--smthg ringgit fee. but most of you can and i asked you to pay asap. and submit the photo's asap. or else our page will be pictures of only me,nicole,chern,mandy,jet,foohaw,nozz,nich and azriel. cuz i only have their photos. and teacher's pic's?? not one is in sigh. seriously i'm very frustrated and damn geram when we have this magazine thingy!

kno what? maybe you all shold blardy design it yrselves!

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