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Tuesday, March 6


1) rissy and me! we've been trough think and thin! me thinks
2)wearin tube!! *ish* goin somewhere! *smiles and laughs*

3)ben! my pics are still with you dude!! i wan 'em!
4)me with a durag! ben!! my pictures!
doin that beyonce thing.

i finally posted smthg yesterday and it didnt register!!! *ishness*

let's see i have an essay to complete " what i did for my cny"

erm "nothing" ,well *thinks* "i went to ou and spent a hella lotta cash?!"

well on "chap goh mei" i went for lee hom's concert. according to my mom it was the last stop for his heroes on earth tour " kai xi ing hong" well forgive my pinyin 'cause i never studied chinese yeah.

well it was kinda fun cuz the seats i got were pretty close!! and p.s he's so cute! though he's nt very young any more* compared with my age *
sad though my friends who are such die-hard fans didn't get to go! sheesh! life aint fair!

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