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Saturday, September 8


this james blunt song has really got me hooked!
its kinda romantic know?? well i guess thats how
he got the nickname of "love song guru".

1973 Lyrics

its a really sad song . kinda like he's talking about a lost love which he never forgot.
watch the video and read the lyrics too k :)

LOL . last night i slept at 3am-
i went to bed round 2 but suprisingly
i couldn't fall asleep. oh i so wanted to
call someone! but i don't like being called
in the middle of the night so i usually
wouldn't laa.

melody hunn would be a lil upset.
she says i never call her ever.. hehe kinda tru
but she has probs sleepin and i dunwanna kacau*bother*
her la. aye she got back with ct. even thought i didn't
think it was for the best at least she's happy :)
so i'm happy..

i have now gotten new promises from peepzz.
so i don's if we were crappin cuz it was late
and we all get mad. but i'm immortalizing them
here, just so i can have my cake and eat it!!

PSST:: all them trials really suck!! i did badly *waaaaaHHH*

booboo promised me flowas!
sayang promised to try to make me blush! *highly impossible unless you stick me under the sun for a lil while*
xlg promised to not get to depressed until he knows the 'whole story'
and korD: he promised not to bully me, but sayangg me more!! :) YAY

i am loved??

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