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Monday, February 4

my blog on hold

i have a tonne of photo's to post but
they are currently residing peacefully
in my laptop. so, don't cringe yr lips
just be patient and wait a 'lil aite :)

i'm a sucker for nail art and shiny stuff.
kinda like little kids! and aunties! but anyways
i actually have eyes to see and judge for myself
what will look good, *ps* so i don't become a
"lala mui" or "ah lian"
actually they're about the same. but the term "lala mui"
is usually for younger people la.
definition : age 13-19

after 20yrs, auntie already la.
admit it!

so, therefore
my conclusion is

i have taste! *evil smirks* ahahaha
i am not a "lala mui"
call me one i slap you ten thousand times. NON STOP!

and so i will not age into a *ah lian*

:) chao till me pics are up,
bye people.

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