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Sunday, January 27

omg! i guess i am lame. -.-

Works been getting much better.

The people are totally friendly and so adorable J

Its fun to talk to them really, they’re really easy going.

However there’s almost no work for me to do :/

Damng nabit!! Well I always finish work quick so

Actually I’m waiting for the work not exactly having piles o work waiting for me.

And the phone hardly rings. Which is alright by me as its probably my least favourite part. So itsboring at times but the company makes it fun J

Tmrw’s thaipusam so we’ll be having roads leading to batu caves packed to

The max! gosh hindu’s I admire your faith!!

i’m currently listening to

ashlee simpson – outta my head! (ayayaya)

sorta annoying but its kinda addictive.

Boys like girls – hero & heroin

-apart frm having a totally obvious (hertrosexuually) name

This song is sweet. Although I find the name of the song cheesy

You’d really want a guy to sing this to you. PS chicks who so wanna do this gotta switch lyrics la. Or else yr kinda like switching sexes *unofficially* hahas!!! **evilevillgrinss*

Kimi no ashita – fate/stay night

-yes its from the anime!!

The anime is a modern tweaked jap version

Of king Arthur and the knights of the round table.

One exception; pls note that king Arthur happens to be a woman!

Named saber who’s so kawaiii (cute)

The song is great to wind down to. Although I can hardly understand the song.the words seem so sweet. I’m hooked

- Check it out –

I have become one of the lamest gamers from anywhere!(on earth)

I have resumed playing Sims. Yes it’s the Sims. That animated thingy where you become a mad control freak of a person controlling every aspect of a non-existence ‘person’. Hhaa and I am officially one of ‘those mad control freak lifeless people’. I own people!! I’m mistress of the sim universe!! Hahaha. I can kill people. And by the looks of my entry this time I probably will. They’ll die from my lameness! Haha, ish I laughed at my own lameness -.-

If you laughed you are lame too!! LAME-OOOO

Tomorrow I gotta go get some passport sized photo’s for my license

Gahhh! Totally hate passport photo’s. somehow they always look horrible.

Tell me, how many of you actually like your I.C photo (for example)

Probably 3/10 will say they like theirs.

-tags :: Amelia is so lame today J

-ps: and every other day for that matter..

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