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Thursday, March 6

ou with melmel

this is melmel!
my 'date' for today.

and this is my breakfast :D
beef udon in a hothot bowl!
yes, silly me did touch it.
hence how i know its HOT!!

and this is CAPSICUM
*yeuch* comes on pizza and alot of Italian food.
mel and i searched our food for this
and scavanged it out.
we both hate HATE HATE

some pancake with potatoes!
Melia lovess *LOVESS* potatoes!

teehee. my close up of the potatoes!

this is what happens to you when you
don't take your regular dosage of EVO!
went to the counter at GSC to get a drink
after pool before movie.
the guy gave me such a full cup!
i tried to sip a lil and
spilt it over my phone!
and it 'kena' my shirt too!
*$*&@!*$%& (profanities)
ish. till now my phone is still sticky!

Mel mel and i watched 10,000BC today.
i thought its some kinda horror movie at first.
ya know, looking at the cavemen (D'el) and
the giant wolly mammoth (Mannak)
i like the wolly mammoth more!
they call it a Mannak, but they keep trying to kill it.
and though i found the movie funny,yes.

the plot's all over.
1) first theres an old lady prophet
2) fine fine. biasanya (usually) got right?
3) then there's some crazy ass prophecy
4) a girl with blue eyes comes up
5) old lady grabs her, see's horrible stuff, says to protect lil girl (-.-")
6) village gets attacked! *wooh finally some action
7) everyone but hero kena tangkap -.-
8) quest to find back villagers starts.
9) one minute mountains with snow (thundra)
then switch to forest -.- *like whatt! when did they get off the mountain?*
then comes desert
only thing missing is the ocean larh!

last place they arrive at is egypt!?
the villagers got kidnapped because the Pharoah
says i need slaves to build my pyramid and
worship me*wakakaka*
(psst :: pharoah super ugly, like he got 3rd degree burns or smthg)

since when Egypt got wolly mammoths anyways??
isnt it too hot for them?? WTF laaa

not too much of an action movie as i
but it'll definitely give you a LAUGH

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