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Sunday, June 8


i camwhore!
`nuff said

i am LAZY
`nuff said

``nuff said!

i love kisses
`nuff said

i need LOVE
`nuff said

i stone when i'm in the car
`nuff said

she is my lui
`nuff said

waitwait, not enuff.
she's HOT~
now ``nuff said

i know i've not updated for a bit,
well, i've been out a lil.
psst, my driving is getting worse! so i have been reduced to writing step by step down on a cue card :/
all for my own guilty use!
shhh! don't tell my critics or my instructor.

i bummed Friday away :/ no college, only driving, and like a sleep session?? on saturday, which was yesterday (7th June 08) i headed for summer splash :) well, the smiley was how i felt before i went and also for when i reached and saw that i didnt have to line up :)) thanks to the tagg saying SPONSOR!

*sorry to those who lined up from 9am* i datang at 10smthg and potong line only :) plusplus, i'm allowed to do that :p whoppeee wiwawwaa wheeeee~ sial; a bit.

but summer splash was sorta boring! honest to god, if i didnt have some friends or the MYC! team there, i woulda died standing :/

food was so exp and so damn crappy! GOODNESS for 7bucks i should get a better burger! and the fucking locker! its like 10 bucks! CON ARTIST!!! CON CON CON!

elysse has taken my cam for the moment, she needed to snap away yesterday, but she ran outta batteries. so she borrowed mine. summer splash photo's will be delayed. i only got 2 in my phone :) so you dear reader, have to suffer with that first, bikini chicks akan datang :)

after summer splash headed to granmama's (po po) house :) awesome spread, the food was a buffet really. too much but who cares?! MAKAN ajeh!

hitched a ride back with john(saikim) and saiho (julian) they're my cousins who live closest. reached back cuz i was still in my bikini -.- mom forgot to bring my clothes! OM-G-OSH-LIKE-WHAT!
8smthg pm la! more than 10 hours d!

louis and bi sama sama sms asking the same things -.- for what la! so BNN! save yr credit louis! sms yr princess :) teeheee

9smthg got ready :)
10 smthg 3monyet (louis, bibi, chi syg)
came to fetch
-my bf high from dinner, went sial in the car!-
went to ss2 bi's house la -.-
watched Taxi.
came back at 12
kena sounding from mommy, cuz she thought the tattoo i got was real! i'm not that GILA!

`today IS sunday,` got back from 6pm mass awhile ago BNN speak about today. ``boring and dulan `dim sum @ megah for breakfast :/ `sorry couldnt join louis chi and bi for the same thing but @dj `came home tried to sleep but couldnt, hmmm `sms bi the whole day. `sent comments. `watched half of just follow law `went to church `had dinner `am blogging now!
i am a NERD!

i feel like one,
act like one,
dress like one, and maybe one day will look like one!
*hopefully not! please keeel me if i do*
and and urmm? Bye!
ces't la vie

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