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Sunday, August 10


were walking down a path
where we'll meet again
one fine day :)

i <3>

uncle driver chen and mr sherman

shyshy chloe sandra and i

karmen and i and a funny car?!

nerve wrecking times before final presentation.

chloe looloo and i

me, kevin and renee's horny hands

i and miss model Renee prettyyy :)

naz i and farid :) aaww, he gave me a flowerrr

zhe i and danny. makan ganas ganas ooi!

ishishish. these IAA people love love love IZZI!
i know the food and surroundings are
quite comfortable. but seriously. two damn days in a row i tak tahan weih!
=/ italian food very 'jai'.

especially since its from the same restaurant la
if not?! spent the weekend with IAA DIB and DMC people.
in non-IACT language thats advertising, broadcasting and mass comm people.
all in that order too :) friday we headed to sungei wang.
one of the largest lala capitals! met karmen at the lrt station in paramount. after almost 1year of not stepping onto an lrt platform, i must say, it was a tad bit *urhm* 'alien'? truly i was a little lost. i couldn't even recognize the landmarks.
good gosh thanks to the crazy crowd in kl sentral station.

without them, i woulda walked the other way
i was that sesated okayy.
but not too bad la.
i managed to get my arse and karmens to the
monorail station!

*sighs of relieve!*

*o.o daddyyy! thanks for your 'touch&go', i didn't have to wait at any ticket counters!*

*evil smirks evil grins evil laughs + evil hand gestures

upon reaching around 12.12pm! >< damn nice time right!? karmen and i soon discovered we were the only one's there! -.- the one's so far away reached so darn early. we walked and walked around sg wang. searching almost every nook and cranny (with clothes of course!) got kinda hungry after a few levels, so we went searching for Kim Gary. so sesat again, ended up asking some shop owner where it was. FYI, Kim Gary is like in a hidden corner! makan-ing half way. the idiots at the next table decided, "oh how bout polluting the air!" and started smoking -.-" *dulan!* zhe and chloe soon arrived about 1something. followed by chuen, nikki, naz and chen. and then came farid and renee :) but but but, everyone pecah here and there -.-" plus us girls kept shopping the poor guys just stood outside like poles, playing the 'poor little boyfriend role' ahaha, all guys probably have that experience. but they were so nice they waited patiently :) aaaaww`` koutos to naz, chen and zhe. they went on to buy their gay wallets somewhere while getting lost from the group. ahahaa NAZ, yrs is the least gay :) lv for boys! -.- after walking around sg wang more than twice, karmen and i were begging to sit down. our feet so couldn't take it anymore we ended up at kim gary again! -.- GOOD GOD! the kim gary staff musta thaught we were abit the siao! didnt manage to camwhore as much tough. after abit, we headed to pavillion for dinner. the fusion place chloe wanted to bring us to needed booking and it wasn't a day where we could get the discount. so we went next door, to WONG KOK -.- omg. 3kali i makan char chan teng! lols i now need my mcd!!! headed back around 10 or so. dropped naz at bangsar, karmen at paramount, and i at mayang :) thanks to mr driver chen :) we owe you petrol money la dude :P

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