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Wednesday, August 27

poor little princess.. sigh

BULLSHIT! its fucking bullshit

it really hurts ,
to know something so so unspeakable,

its a knife to the heart, no really!
some more say i never find you!
its an utter lie
its basically bullshit!

headed to ou after class with some classmates.

watched a crap show.

played pool, foos and billiards.

thaugh rachie to play pool (:

got beaten by danny in pool and foos ):

so close to winning pool.

beat chuen in billiards even tough the table so sueh!

i hit the ball like 7-8 times and it circled the ring,
and came back out!
repeatedly. SUEH anot!?
fucking SUEH table!

and anotherr SUEH story,
i scored an own goal in foos -___-
it only happens to me, princesstakpuashati.

psst, JARED is a liar.
he can definitely play pool.

after billiards.

headed to Waffle World "wafuwafuuu"
but Rach sial woman ran to yoshinoya.
she's the one gila wanna head to wafuworld!
ended up running in and out of yoshinoya.
was checking our wallets marr.

decided on Yoshinoya for lunch.
then Waffle World for dessert.
nice (: banana caramel *drooolls*

but the waffles at WAFUworld so unsatisfying!
SMALL only weih.
kuci betul!

so we decided a second round was mandatory (:

we headed to A&W for a bigger and cheaper waffle (:

satisfying (: (: (:

i almost drank the maple syrupp `hee

went for the movie!
CRAPP show la.
sorry liv tyler, yr so hot
but the show is like crap! -___-
i laughed and screamed.
and afterward felt like i wasted 3hours of my life

went back to coll, cuz promised to see mr lau with rach.

when i told him he signed both sides of my paper.
cuz he drew on the design.
he was like 'really arh' then started laughing.
HAHAH, funny dude!

k la. getting CG tattoo scanned, drawing crappy ):
ta for now darlings (:

i shall try to blog with a happy heart soon (:

baybee, trust me.
just,... trust me

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