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Thursday, September 11

ttly- - - i am a mushroom

umai-ya [dinner on monday]

didnt like it.
unagi too sweet and place too dark.
prawns not fresh. YUCK!

like meeting a dumb hot chick.
nice to see, not nice to have.
place is pretty, food is bllllaaaaah.

the only saving grace was the ice cream.
even then, the red beans were kinda eew.

the pickle stuff i never eat.

a present (;

half done.

finish product will be unveiled to you ppl,
once the person has recieved this present (:

chuen, somehow we always camwhore.
hmmmm? twin anot le?
this was taken on tuesday in class.

see see! i told you right?!
i look like her little sister -__- *sibeh*
taken at ou on wednesday.
we headed there after class ended.

went with Rach, Chen, Jared, Farid, Renee,
Winnie, Zhe, Naz and Shaun.

chuen and i headed straight to the bowling alley.
just to play a few rounds of pool on sucky tables.

i won one she won one.
third game we screwed it,
late for movie.

watched Deception.
damn chat weird.
quite boring la the ending part.
only the suspense was nice.
the show in a whole is quite, 'potong'

chuen and i.
see my hair, damn lala woi!

headed to Pasta Zanmai
for lunch with Rachelle and Chuenny.

the food is sorta fusion.
its Japanese food with pasta instead.
its not uncommon in Japan.
but its a pioneer here.

i give the food!
6/10 (:

new stuff.
takes awhile for me to up my rating.

but after Umai-ya,
anything is better ):

Pasta Zanmai is Sushi Zanmai's
french-jap relative (:

next i shall try Canton-i,
since i love Dragon-i!!

passionfruit soda (:
i love that name.
so smexayy kan?

but super duper gassy ):
damn weird.
i was like drinking gas till it fizzled out a lil.

chuenny here (:

ayyyeee, i ter-delete the picture of Rachieeeee
Kani Miso Soup (:
rm6 and its pretty big.
the crab is like a soft shell crab.
but the legs not so meaty ):
and the shell not so soft.
hard to makan without looking like a JAKUN!

the big big crab?

spaghetti unagi (;
the big leaf was removed immediately,
it looks like grass in real life ):

thursday, i am sitting home at 12 smthg
blogging, why am i not at MOS?!
i got invite ):
forgotten -__-

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