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Tuesday, November 11


hola human beings (:

as of yesterday, MONDAY, 10th November 2008.

the class of DMC09
has been hit with a disease.

courtesy of Jared Lee.

its called syndrome Chialat
" Bes, Tak Best Disease"

anyone in PR class today would understand.

however, the cure prescribed is?

speak english lorr.
don't be so ah pek lorr.

then you wont speak so much malay horr?!

i damn ah-pek-i-fied?

hari ini aku dieded! (:

don't understand this post.

comecome, complain (:

cuz i am free to layan you.

for i am damn bored!
♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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Chuen said...

I think only u have been hit by that disease XD