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Saturday, December 27

Genting, Christmas & Boxing Day

before i start,
photo's are here, here & here

as usual on the 23rd of December 2008.
it was much expected that half or more of our possy
would be late.
so i decided to take my own sweet time and sleep more
since i wasn't gonna get much sleep up there kan?
made sense lorr.
some people, namely naz and zhe kept calling me up.
gaah those two doody heads actually went early!
naz went at 10? zhe a lil later. me? 11.30 (:

and the rest? lagi best reached about 12!
therefore we missed the 11am bus la durh.
and the 12pm bus was full -_-
so we grabbed the 1.30pm bus.

and we were supposed to be heading up at 11?
good lord!
the night before Genting.
i told some of the guys to be punctual.
mana tau it was princess chen who was the
ishish, maybe i should give chuenny a TAZER!
for sure they'd wake up and be early. lols.

so after getting the tickets and some other crap
like junkies and sweets.
headed to Kluang Station.
some hadn't had b'fast.

chuenny and zhe mcm sesated in OU.
it seemed to take them forever and ever to come to Kluang Station lorr -_-
didnt wanna eat chicken chop so
headed to auntie annes to get me a pretzel (:
<3 style="font-style: italic; color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">*i shall go die now*

reached Genting Skyway about 2.40?
not that quick also la.
bus ride was sorta slow.
summore the ganas driver is such a
hell driver! going down hill also
omg, break damnit! BREAK!
you dunno what is a BREAK peddle ar?
auto or manual also got wan alright!
other than that also got handbreak?!
but thats abit useless if you wanna stop..
grr, go back to driving school la.
babi kaoooo!!!

i was busy berboraking with Naz after we passed the dangerous strech.
i tell you, i almost stopped breathing!

when we finally stepped onto ground again.
i was kinda off balance?
it has been proven that i am CLUMSY.
and its very dangerous when i wear flats?
my feet were made for heels, wedges, pumps
all those with abit of leverage la.

whenever i'm in flats,
i can totally trip over my own feet,
fall for no reason
and then embaress myself -_-
yes its amusing,
but damn embaressing yo!

btwbtw, the people who were there were
me & chuenny *girls*

yeaps 9 guys.
the women abandoned us -_-
later on more dudes joined us up hill.
*desmond and calvin. sat headed back with em*
less fighting for beds. after all
me and chuenny taisai! hhahaaaa

the minute the cable car left the terminal i screamed.
seriously, i got phobia of heights and dying like that.
can i at least die looking good?
or like in one piece?

i'll start praying more often JESUS!
*smiles innocently*

ah reaching the top was such a relief.
i was alive!
and the camwhoring sessions in the cable car helped kill the scares.
however dickson and james were busy screaming to the oth
cable car.
bising guys. haha

headed to our hotel.
lucky for the room booking.
it only cost each of us 22ringgit?
pretty alright.
the rooms spacious (:
and luckily not near the bloody spinner!
i woulda complained if it was.

dumped our stuff and headed to the themepark.
going on weekdays is seriously alot cheaper.
first stop?
semua pening gila.
all the faces mcm wanna puke.
thank god no one did.

hit the roller coasters, ship, ghost house, spinner and solero shot.

jinjoe got outta the ghost car thingy and scared the shits outta me!
omg, i seriously screamed like mad!
but it was funny non-the-less.
even chuen screamed! HAHA

i finally sat on the solero shot thingy too.
i usually chicken out and skip it.
this time chuen wouldnt lemme go ):
anyways sat was a first timer too!
stupid chialat.
he ditched us halfway.
so did naz, joe, jon& zhe

it was damn scary at first,
i really asked "what am i doing here"
hhaha, but after the first dip.
it was damn boring!

oh well, a bit of scaring is fine.
won't die so easily.

last stop was the spinner.
omg. i was the camera woman, and by the time i managed to snap pics after waiting for them
so long, my hands were numb and frozen!
if only they'd turn blue (:

headed in after that,
it was seriously damn cold.
went to KFC for dinner.
debate debate what package to pick.
settled by ordering individual -_-

headed back to the room after that.
was only about 9?
so earlyyyyy.
and started the drinking sessions.

started with some animal game
and on to a pyramid game. haha quite fun.
but terkena bykbyk.

half way tru about 11.
everyone was either a bit tipsy or bored.
joining the bored gang
we decided to head to MCD,
hungry laaaa.

sososo. Chuen, Zhe, Naz, Jon, Dickson and I
headed to mcd,
all the way at First World.
*zomg, i advertise Genting alot. Genting! wanna hire me? i'm a pretty good advertiser. as long as i don't complain la.* *evilgrinsevilgrins*
stone till about 12.
then dickson and naz headed back to the room.
while the rest of us.
went to the arcade to camwhore and play games (:
we had 15 minutes?
HAH, miracle we managed to play anything also.

genius Zhe, said we should walk outside.
initially i thought why not?
our GPS sucks!
stupid babi kao Lee Zhe Fung!
we walked uphill about 500m?
just to end up at the wrong hotel!
RAWR, beh tahan took my own way back.
even if its longer.
my legs were dying on me?
they seriously felt like Jell-O!

headed back to the room.
i urhm* walked in on smthg smthg.

is it a must?! issssh.
24/7 every day, every second every mili second?
omgosh. i don't believe
ppl can't tahan lor.
-what i know, you don't need to.-

headed out to the coridor,
found Chuen, Zhe and Jon.
played chor di
with much interruption and
ie, prostitute? dai yi loong?


after a few rounds we headed back to the room.
when everyone was back
we played some more drinking games.

minus Sat, as he headed back with Desmond and Calvin.

games went on till 4 or 5am.
and certain people then
made a war zone out of the LOO!

the toilet kena puke bombs!

ko-ed till 8am.

after which James took my place.
haha poor guy froze the whole night.

stone till about 10?
till everyone got up.

Jon and JinJoe took off to the casino.
Chuen, Zhe, Jared, James and I headed for b'fast @
Old Town.
paling close cuz me arse was freezing.
haha no way were we walking anywhere far.

after b'fast, aftermath came in.
those with hangovers,
those who can't remember the night before
and those who wondered why the hell we were alive.

back to the room.
and checked out about 1.
bought our tickets and off we went.
cable car all the way down. FUCCK!
sorry but thats the only word to describe it.
its scary taking dip after dip.
scaree sial.
but i didnt scream as much this time.

reached bus terminal.
waiting for the bus, Dai Di again!
gaaah, i am addicted to Dai di.

that night, headed to Church.
Su came!
plus i saw my dear Pie! (:
awesome Xmas Presents!
those two i hardly see. ):

banged into Carine as well.
and Brandon (:
and Kath and Calvin (:
wheeee' lama lama x jumpa!

headed home to open presents
and off to Kayu @ Sunway Damansara
for drinks (:

come home to mati kk for a second night (:
xmas day?
lunch @ Sierramas.
ugh* saw Cheng Thung.
after all i know,
seeing the dude made me so

met this uber cute girl called Maya,
she's 2yrs old.
and so so adorable!
she sorta looks like Suri Cruise!
dimples and all!


26th@ my crib!
lunch plans.
i was so tired, KO-ed till 11?

people started pouring in about 2!
good lord.
Malaysians are really tardy!
even @ 18 yrs of age?

thanks to Marissa, Wilson,
Hui Xian, Jethro, Nichi, Nozz,
Chuen, Danny, Kenshin, Kenshins mui,
Az and Jac for coming.
lucky it wasn't huge.
i didnt want a house of monkeys.

then chor di bykbyk.

played the pyramid game thingy.
i terkena like 3 vodka shots in a row?
and all in all i had like almost non stop 7?
i took a break after that.

there's been so many photos lately,
i'm lazy.
check out facebook instead.


headed up to Genting with the family that night,
i won chor di against the family 3 times.

but unfortunately,
both Baskin Robbins and Starbucks was on me.
belated Christmas Presents.

all cuz i didnt do my share of Christmas shopping this year.
i still owe them crabby dinner.
bo lui soon. haha
♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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