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Saturday, March 21


there was a small blackout in college's room9

musta blown a fuse or somethinge.

since chuen and I were waiting for people to survey,
we were a lil late.

unfortunately for us, we got the news about class switching from Room9 to Room2.,,,,
when we reached Room9 -___-

fyi room 9 is on the 2nd floor
and room 2 is on the third.

in two different blocks.

so we climbed down 3flights only to come back to the foyer and

hence climb 4 flights of stairs to Room 2 -___-
*speechless enough?*


currently addicted to, thanks to Chuen & Rachelle
their hairstyles are weird!
but all are pretty cute (:

even the annoying one gets cute after awhile.

and yes golden hair looks like a wussy, but he's more of a stoner (:

a very romantic stoner (:

The latest Singapore show
released here (:

i love this show,
shot in beautiful Malacca *YAY*

makes me really wanna embrace my nyonya heritage,
tough i've learnt why my granma loved cooking and sewing.

i would fair pretty badly at being a typical Peranakan chick.

do watch, really really good.

the style and flow of the show is different
feels like your being told a story.

it has a way to melt your heart.
no idea why.
but it does.

the theme song/ opening song
is Ru Yan sung by olivia ong.

take a listen. on youtube or dl on Ares.
the shows available on Youtube too.

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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