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Wednesday, December 16

Bob & Hannah T!

So, recently there was the BOTB a.k.a Battle of the Bands!

But that will be blogged about a little bit later as exams are still ensuing.

For the moment I'd like to drop a note on who I met there!

The one and only Hannah Tan.

If you though she looked good in photos and magazine covers,
well surprise surprise;

She's really pretty up close too *winks*
check it out,
sorry the photos have been shrunk abit cuz blogger is slower than a million snails. -.-


See, I am an honest kid! :D


Hannah's having a concert for charity!


This Sunday.
20th December 2009

The Gardens Hotel Ballroom, Midvalley City.

Be there, or you're a square.

ps, noone wants to be square!

To get tickets just log onto

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