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Thursday, January 28


"a good blogger must have 3months worth of post backed up so that when they're busy,
they can still constantly post stuff up. (: "

yameh, means I'm a damn bad blogger lorhs.
heeh```, i shall go missing 3mths then come update okeh? hahhaha
since internship is another 2mths 1 week.

yesyes, i damn mouliu.

i need lunch dates (:
and every Thursday, I am booked! 
Outings with Vina, Jac, John and Chuen.

Somehow right, when i say Jac and John, the "Jack and Jill" song plays in my head.
You know, the
"Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water,
Jack fell down;
and broke his crown,
and Jill came tumbling after.."

If you ask me, Jack is a very clumsy kid and Jills stupid -.-"
Other people fall, didn't pull you along, but you also fall down.
clumsy and abit dumb.
see others fall careful sikit la kan?

and and another murder is,
the other day someone texted me Baa Baa black sheep.
but a gila babi damn funny one!
Not funny, for the content; but cuz the spelling retard-i-fied it!
It said;....
"ba ba back sheep,
have you and wu, 
wu wu..."
"i dunno the lyrics la" 
whatt theeee....

the point is, well if you know the rhyme, damn funny right.
its damn different from the original larh. and sounds like the sheeps crying woi.
Crying and has bad grammar. ahhaha.

okay la, its not that funny cuz I think I've deleted the text.
and I make it x funny. 
OH WELL! i got a good laugh out of it (x

works getting more interesting.
I like seeing clients.

But one thing is like, when chicks get their monthly aunty.
How do they work laaaa,......
cipets,... i just wanna sleep the cramps away away awayyyyy.

okeh, time to go. needed to crank up some brain juice.
now i sudah crap ere, brains working fine.
Bye my verybosanthencomereadmyblog readers.

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