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Saturday, April 10

omgomgomg. shutupp!

walking into the bazaar at 12pm.
sleepy as hell. parked like a jakun :D 
cuz its not a parking space. heeh. 

and then you hear "omg omg omg owhh maii gawwwwdd~"
you know, the uber over extremely over the top *okay I'll get to the point* exaggerated
irritating oh my god BIMBO STYLE summore.

warauuu, i really contemplated suicide. 
trust me, I am not a fan of dumb blondes.
they may not literally be blonde, but 
erh yea, DUMB BLONDE!

its very difficult trying to shop in the dark. 
you end up looking like lady gaga on a bad bad day. 
"sorry miss, I'll pass"

MOS needs more lights if they wanna host bazaars. ASD good job on the crowd 
but erh when you cannot see whatever you're holding up. and yr eyes are like >.< literally
pls laaaa, i also dunwan buy. nanti come out some weird ass grandma underpants stuffs. 

the deq was okay. but outside the poor vendors were saunaing. 
poor guys. 

i also said "i shall spend 70!" to Chuen and Swea Phin
i spend a tad bit more. heeeh *paiseh-nye*
2 dresses, 2 miscelleneous, 2 accessories and 1 disco ball later. 
i is confused. 

i need volunteers, i have one closet, but its actually a jungle and graveyard for clothes! 
:D anyoneee? 

oh well, not gonna make it for Kaskade tonight, 
i dont wanna drive ady. pkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkkkkk

oh btw, if you can sign up for the ladies card at MOS..
condition: have a vagina. 
(: exoh 

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