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Wednesday, September 22

Ni hao ma?

First mandarin class at UTAR, lol utar student for real now ♥ 
The only good thing is tht it's who I'm with (: 
hehe I♥U 1314 (smthg I learnt from my Chinese speaking friends in high school (: 
thank god for friends!
 hopefully my karat brain will be able to churn out a proper conversation by the end of this class. 
Now it's slow and sounds wrong all the time lol. Which makes ppl gimme the o.O face.


Elizabeth Rauk said...

lol. I do understand you. I had the same problem several years ago, but I've just stopped all classes. Do not do that. Be strong and study hard. Wish you god luck

she rocks your socks :) said...

thanks Elizabeth (:

no way I'll quit, at least i'll have learnt something yes (: Thanks for the encouragement

Elizabeth Rauk said...

U are welcome, anyway if you want to learn faster just fall in love with some handsome chinese boy. hehe it really helps a lot

she rocks your socks :) said...

Elizabeth, you are hilarious! I am dating a cute Chinese boy. Unfortunately, he's more white than I am! Hahaha how're you?