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Thursday, March 24

Is anything easy?

Is anything really ever easy?

I just need to get this off my chest.

For me, I know its a definite positive that we can work things out.
And yea, I don't know why I'm still harping on about it. Its like an addiction.

cause all I know right now is, I feel stuck and really wish you'd even bother. I know its stupid but thats a fact.
I know I'm stupid and thats a fact too.

But all I really want is for you to care to even ask me. Perhaps a simple "hey how're you doing?" or "hello"
cause all i know is I miss you and those words cut through me like swords.


Anonymous said...

but if he does, you'll never be able to walk away from that shadow ure in right now.

she rocks your socks :) said...

not really, I've walked away too. I'd just like some familiarity back.