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Thursday, March 24


Perhaps my comments over the weekend were pushed over the till, from monthly aunty visits.

Hormonal people are not exactly the happiest anyways.

In retrospect, this dead relationship now reminds me of lies, because they were promises and expectations that it  had no intent of perusing.

The best thing I've gotten out of it? This break up is the love and support from family and friends. Even if my parents dropping hints(not so hidden) so often does get annoying, I get it. Mummy, daddeh; I love you 

And friends from overseas? They're my rocks. I miss them and loneliness sets in, but I know they're there. Thank You my loves. You know who you are. I love you. 

You said I was the only, I guess it wasn't true;
The future that we'd work for, is no longer in view.

And even if I see it there, in you it's already died. 
I'm nothing but a memory, a lone candle in the night.

So constant and so bright, bringing with it light.
But then one whisper from those lips and the room is no longer bright.

It doesn't matter what I say, or even what I do.
Because to you, I was and am; forever a memory. To YOU.

You always told me you were serious, that I was the only. You lied you douch! You gave up and hurt me more than you said you "could".Apparently, you can! You know how? By not telling me the problems, for not giving me a reason, for not giving me a chance to fix things, for thinking I can see the future and fix all problems at present! For breaking my heart, so easily. For being so happy, so easily. For making me feel less then myself. For making sure, I'll never be the same again. I hope you are happy. Har Har Har.

Even when people ask me why you dumped me? My mind ranks blank and the answer is "I DUNNO!" fark u....

kk thx bye

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