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Friday, June 17

@ameliachantalle - photo's from the iPhone & on Instagram

I was researching. I looks like this in UNI. ):
aunty betul.

This is a poser, a very cute one :D 
I love you baby!

heh. guess who?

Xian @ Lunch in SeaPark.
Managed to find her during her intern-ship (:

All photos taken with Panasonic Lumix GF-2
All photo's below taken with the iPhone.
Minus 1

I photo I really love, and reposted to Instagram
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I couldn't make out the watermark on the iPhone so I'm sorry Mr Jonathan Lagmange?

I'm sorry that image is tiny. But hey, it got alotta likes! 

Reposted this as well, isn't it gorgeous?

And this :D 
How the hell? Yea, I don't know either.

Aaw <3

I still love this ring <3 
Its such a unique thing, so fragile and delicate and so pretty.
This was a souvineer from JacQ love from HK. 
So touched.

Oh Alice!
You're absolutely scrumptious.

This was from that cupcake book!
I will have you :D

miao? I HATE CATS. okay dislike. Its hard for me to hate stuff.

My lovely PiNK pendrive.
Went back to get the white and it is no more ):

hello, hello kitty

HuiXian sent me this :D haha

LV as. Michelle Yeoh wore the very same dress to the opening of the LV store in The Gardens.

So very gorgeous.

A ROADSTER :D yes there were ang moh's in it. where got Malaysian wanna sit like this?
it was blazing hot that day, okay.

Granma's bday :D

Hermes, influenced by the King Lex.
gucci, seen on Blake Lively & Jennifer Lopez

Plaza Damas a long time back.

this was so epic. I woke up one day and this was my group chat.


Pigs in a blanket @ Betty's Midwest kitchen.

hot lemon tea @ Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Beer marinated pork chop @ Betty's Midwest Kitchen

Jalan Ma'arof, Bangsar

Done by Eigen Ting. 
Alot of compliments garnered when I posted this up (:
Good job Ting.

My bling a ling shoes! I wore 'em to uni for presentation.
Brave, VERY brave!

I survived! :D :D :D

<3 I couldn't decide. 
But I couldn't stand for long in the one behind so by default the blingy's won!

Aid Japan @ Bangsar Village II

Aid Japan @ Bangsar Village II

Aid Japan @ Bangsar Village II

Aid Japan @ Bangsar Village II

trying out Pudding cam. This didn't go on Instagram.

You only came back for 2 days ):

Panoramic shot w Pudding cam, no effects here.

My favourite cookies! 
So hard to find ):

From Aunty Pat Song's kitchen!
Heh, so so true.
Got reposted by @pearloftheday

They repost pictures of quotes. Thankiu.

A burnt bush after the ordeal.
I suppose this does show perseverance.

I like how the leaves fell that day.

This is just too adorable. Spotted it before going to church (:
it made me smile. 
Someone, somewhere, in the great out there?

Loves me. 

All photo's taken with an iPhone. 
minus one, all were posted on Instagram!

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