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Monday, October 17

FreshKon; Alluring Eyes II

I finally got to try my first pair of contacts ever!

Headed to the optician nearby to learn how to get em in and out. True they were slightly difficult to take out at first. But after a few tries! Voila! I'm a pro. *hurhurhur*

It does feel funny to have contacts on your eyes, but its really comfy and you'll get use to it within 20minutes. (:

Seriously, I was really surprised about it. Since it was my first time, I thought it would be kinda itchy and all sorts from all the horror stories I've heard but hey, it was nothing like that at all. This is probably cause of FreshKon's 55% water content ey? Definitely a great first experience.

However, if you are a first timer like myself please go to a proper optometrist and learn how to put em it, take em out, clean em and store em. There's so much I didn't know. Like how to pinch the contacts out. :D

I think if I didn't go, I would've torn the contact pretty quickly (  >.<" )
It was RM20 to go learn. Worthwhile information kids, your eyes are very precious.

FreshKon Alluring Eyes range in Magnetic Grey. 
I naturally have big eyes but because I have thicker double eyelids, I tend to look a lil sleepy without eyeliner.

I put these on in the afternoon and they immediately made me look so much more awake!
So rejuvenated. Its also very natural looking, without flash you can hardly see the lens. Making it very natural. Its also perfect for those of you who are working as colored lenses can be a lil freaky sometimes.

No kidding, see, no power! and 55% water contact lens!

Even angry birds and green pigs can agree! FreshKon lenses are fantasticly comfy 

Another photo to show you how huge my iris looks with the lens. 

For all first timers contemplating these lenses, you will need to clean your lenses!
Seriously kids, don't tempt fate. 

And lastly one more super vain photograph of me :D 
This one I posted on Facebook.
Because I'm quite fascinated at how much bigger of a difference these lenses make!

I love it!

Thank you FreshKon Malaysia and FP Avante for the opportunity to try contacts!

And for you girls and guys out there who would like to try FreshKon, drop on by any optician and ask if they have free samples. 

Also you can join FreshKon's competition on Facebook, 
wanna know more? CHECK IT OUT. 

Remember my previous post?
More info on the contest there. 

I leave you with a teaser of FreshKon's latest lens.

Till next time, xx

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